SaaS is still open for business, but it’s going to take longer to buy and sell

The bottom line? In 2023, SaaS is still open for business; it’s just going to take longer to buy and sell.

When it comes to early-stage growth marketing, it’s often better to imitate than innovate

While trying to gain traction, most of your time and attention should be focused on imitating successful marketing tactics.

The cloud backlash has begun: Why big data is pulling compute back on premises

Cloud-first strategies may be hitting the limits of their efficacy, and in many cases, ROIs are diminishing, triggering a major cloud backlash.

Best practices for leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning in 2023

As startups navigate a disruptive season, they need to innovate to remain competitive. Artificial intelligence and machine learning may finally be capable of making that a reality.

5 strategies for biotech startups to outlast a market downturn

To ensure survival, it’s essential to explore alternative funding methods rather than relying solely on classic fundraising.

Zero-based budgeting: A proven framework for extending runway

Zero-based budgeting (ZBB) is one of the most aggressive budgeting methods to cut burn to the bare minimum.

The AI revolution has outgrown the Turing Test: Introducing a new framework

The AI Classification Framework is a new approach to evaluating AI capabilities based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligences.

Time to trust: Questions cybersecurity customers ask and how to answer them

The No. 1 question people ask as they learn about a new tool is: “What problem is this company trying to solve?”

Finding your startup’s valuation: An angel investor explains how

A fair valuation that feels good to both the founder and investor will lead to a partnership in which both sides win.

Building a PLG motion on top of usage-based pricing

Usage-based pricing is an essential component of any PLG strategy. In fact, it’s my belief that you cannot have true PLG without UBP.

A 10-step playbook for founders with Silicon Valley Bank accounts

While I hope for the best for companies banking with SVB, it’s important for founders and CEOs to plan for the worst. This will be the weekend that differentiates a good entrepreneur from a bad one.

Q1 2023 market map: SaaS cost optimization and management

Simply reducing costs in lieu of growth will not work. Likewise, maximizing growth with little sensitivity around costs won’t work in 2023.

Building a lean B2B startup growth stack

I’ve spent years trying to understand which tools give you the most bang for your buck and which are just not worth the overhead.

Dear Sophie: Last-minute H-1Bs, O-1A & EB-1A extraordinary credential prep

How many people are employers going to register in the H-1B lottery this year? Will there be fewer because of all of the layoffs?

The best way to start an AI project? Don’t think about the models

Too often, companies start with AI technologies while skipping the business processes and the structure of the data itself, which has a much greater impact on the end results.

Despite the downturn, CVC gains traction in Brazil’s startup ecosystem

Despite the challenging fundraising environment of 2022, we saw more big corporations launching their corporate venture arms in Brazil last year than during the boom years of 2020 and 2021.

Creating remote work rituals that stick

Any organization hoping to scale can create rituals that engage people in their work and inspire them to be their best selves.

Startup PR professionals should be jumping on the AI bandwagon

Whether it’s headlines about AI startups securing massive funding rounds or Twitter threads about how you SHOULD be using ChatGPT, the AI news cycle is well and truly here.

How to turn an open source project into a profitable business

To find the path for monetizing your open source product, talk to your clients and understand their goals and pains.

Dear Sophie: What are my options for changing my status from an L-1 visa?

What are my options for changing my immigration status so I can work at a startup in the U.S. within a year or two?
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