The Defender Is What You Get When You Combine A Camera, Automated 9-1-1, And Pepper Spray

Safety first! That’s what my mom always says.

Which is why it’s somewhat shocking that technology hasn’t already been leveraged┬áto provide additional personal protection to people on the go. But the Defender looks to change all that.

It’s a new pocket-sized device that combines a camera, a 24/7 monitoring system for police and health services, and pepper spray to provide an all-in-one portable defense system that might actually help catch the assailant.

Here’s how it works:

When a user is attacked, they can press a single button that will simultaneously send a photo of the assailant to the police, sound an alarm to notify people nearby of an emergency situation, as well as blind the assailant with pepper spray.

The Defender pairs to an app on iOS or Android through Bluetooth, and uses the phone to alert the police of your emergency (along with the photo taken during the attack). If the user pushes a second button, medical services will be alerted and sent to the location.

The Defender team has set up a 24/7 monitoring station that takes the photo and the exact location of the alert and sends it directly to emergency services. Each defender comes with a year of monitoring services. The team has also partnered with Alarmsoft to provide additional monitoring services, and has seen interest from other security companies who wish to provide the Defender to their customers.

In just a day, the Defender has already reached its $100,000 Indiegogo goal, but that is thanks mostly to a $100k order from Mitco Global, a strategic partner which will distribute 1,010 units through its retail partners. The Indiegogo campaign offers the opportunity for security companies, vendors, and general customers to get in on the action, with early adopters pre-ordering the device (and a year of monitoring) for $159.

When the device goes live in stores, it will have an MSRP somewhere between $14.99 and $19.99/month on a two-year plan, translating to savings of $60 for the one-year plan offered on Indiegogo.

To learn more about the Defender, check out the Indiegogo campaign here or the website here.

The Defender – The First Smart Personal Protection System from The Defender on Vimeo.