Unagi throws in the towel on its $700K Model Eleven scooter Indiegogo campaign

Although 345 backers dug into their pockets to the tune of more than $700,000, the scooter they backed — the Model Eleven — will never see the light of day. The company is offering its bac

The alternative asset class needs new infrastructure — who will build it?

Just as traditional alternatives are becoming a consistent part of the modern portfolio, a new era of alternative assets is emerging, fueling a broader and more fragmented landscape for investing.

Daily Crunch: Terraform Labs CEO goes public with strategy to re-peg sliding UST stablecoin

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Catching up with Indiegogo’s new CEO

In late-April, Indiegogo announced a new CEO. Becky Center — formerly of Healthjoy and Groupon — stepped into the role following Andy Yang’s quiet exit in late-2021. From the outside, at

Indiegogo names Becky Center new CEO

Indiegogo this morning announced that it has appointed Becky Center as CEO. The new chief exec joins the crowdfunding platform following a stint as VP at healthcare app Healthjoy and eight years in va

Indiegogo will designate legit crowdfunders with a ‘Trust-Proven’ badge

Indiegogo has a trust problem. It’s something the company is keenly aware of. For years, the platform has been viewed by many as the destination for those campaigns that didn’t make it through the

Meta’s Messenger boss, Stan Chudnovsky, is the latest exec to leave the company formerly known as Facebook

As Facebook transitions its corporate branding and organizes around a “metaverse” future, a number of high-profile execs have been leaving the company. Last week, former Messenger boss and

Republic acquires crowdfunding media agency Arora Project in ‘multimillion-dollar deal’

Off the heels of a $150 million Series B fundraise, New York-based investing platform Republic has acquired Arora Project, an equity crowdfunding media agency that helps startups create and launch cam

Extra Crunch roundup: Influencer marketing, China’s tech clampdown, drafting growth teams

Before you hire a marketing consultant who doesn't understand your products or commit to a CMO who has several years of experience — but none in your sector — consider influencer marketing.

Indiegogo’s CEO on how crowdfunding navigated the pandemic

'If you take the leap that the pandemic happened because there's just a lot of things happening in the environment, it means we have to build the future that we want.'

Pro tips from the team behind Kickstarter’s most funded app

We're sharing our approach and secrets to building a successful crowdfunding campaign because we know just how tough it can be to launch your own product.

Alternative investing hub Vincent closes $6 million raise

While markets grapple with the concept that the pandemic might not be entirely in the rear view mirror, investors are continuing to seek out investment opportunities outside public markets as they see

Chinese hardware makers turn to crowdfunding as they look to go global

China’s tech giants have had a rough time in Western markets over the last few years. Huawei and DJI have been hit by trade restrictions, while TikTok and WeChat are threatened with their apps b

Indiegogo expands its Global Fast Track Program to Japan

Indiegogo plans to help more Japanese entrepreneurs run successful crowdfunding campaigns through a new expansion of its Global Fast Track Program. Indiegogo first launched the program several years a

Indiegogo founder launches alternative investments discovery platform Vincent

As more and more alternative investment marketplaces pop up around specific verticals like art or collectibles, Indiegogo founder Slava Rubin is launching a Kayak-like platform called Vincent which he

A report card for the SEC’s new equity crowdfunding rules

I am excited that these actions further speed money velocity and allow more people on both the entrepreneurial and investment side of the ecosystem to participate.

Despite global headwinds, Chinese hardware startups remain to take on the world

Bill Zhang lowered himself into lunges on a squishy mat as he explained to me the benefits of the full-body training suit he was wearing. We were in his small, modest office in Xili, a university area

The Freewrite Traveler is an outstanding, but expensive, dedicated portable writing laptop

As a hardware startup, Astrohaus stands apart because of its unique offerings focused specifically on writers and writing. Its debut product, the Freewrite, looked like an old-school travel typewriter

Financial institutions can support COVID-19 crowdfunding campaigns

Financial institutions must lend their vast expertise, knowledge, and resources to these worthy causes; after all, we are all in this together.

The Espresso Display is a fantastic portable display for your Mac or PC

Australian-based hardware startup Espresso Displays has taken a category with a lot of relatively unremarkable, but functional entrants, and added features, as well as design and quality improvements
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