GitHub Passes The 3 Million Developer Mark

GitHub has passed the 3 million-developer mark, a milestone for the collaborative platform for application development. GitHub said it happened Monday night on the first day of the company’s all-hands winter summit.

Launched in April 2008, GitHub celebrated its first million users in September 2011. The company hit the 2 million mark in August 2012, just short of a year later. How many users GitHub draws in the next 12 months is anybody’s guess, but it’s fair to say that it will at least double or perhaps even triple.

According to the blog, GitHub will soon see the 5 millionth repository being hosted on GitHub any week now.

And to celebrate, GitHub is having a party this Thursday at Code Bass in San Francisco. Now is a good time to celebrate for GitHub, as it has had a phenomenal year. They have shown how important it is for developers to collaborate, which represents the future for how apps will get developed.

Over the summer, GitHub raised $100 million in a round led by Andreessen Horowitz to pursue an enterprise strategy. The company will use the investment to build out an on-premise version of its technology.

GitHub’s news is also a reflection on the state of app development in both software and hardware.

It’s evident this week at the Open Compute Summit where the focus is on the re-examination of the data center and the need to open up design. Collaboration is emerging as the bonding force for the organization. Manufacturers like Intel are opening their hardware specs so anyone can build out an infrastructure based upon open designs.

GitHub’s 3 million users shows how collaboration is, perhaps, the most important movement in tech. With the pace of development, it can be expected that GitHub has hit a deep vein and should continue to see developers flock to the service.