Kognitos raises $20M to help businesses automate back-office processes

Businesses will never not (forgive the double negative) push to improve efficiency. It’s their commercial imperative. Sometimes, that takes the form of budget cuts. Other times, it’s more

Credal aims to connect company data to LLMs ‘securely’

Credal.ai, a Y Combinator-backed startup that gives enterprises a way to connect their internal data to text-generating, cloud-hosted AI models, has raised $4.8 million in a seed round led by Spark Ca

Nextdata is building data meshes for the enterprise

The concept of a data mesh has been around for a few years. At a high level, it’s a data platform architecture that allows users to access data without transferring it to one of two places: a da

Snap shutters its enterprise services division after less than a year

Snap is closing down a division of its company designed to offer its AR expertise to enterprise customers. The initiative, called AR Enterprise Service, or ARES, was announced in March of this year, a

Secoda secures $14M to expand its data cataloging platform

Secoda, a startup developing what it describes as an AI-powered data search and cataloging platform, today announced that it raised $14 million in a funding round led by Craft Ventures with participat

Pryon raises $100M to index and analyze enterprise data

Pryon, a startup developing an AI-powered platform to look for insights in — and surface answers from — enterprise knowledge bases, today announced that it raised $100 million in a funding

Writer nets $100M for its enterprise-focused generative AI platform

Investors haven’t tired of generative AI startups yet — particularly those with clear enterprise applications. Case in point, Writer, which is developing what it describes as a “full

Web3 adoption could come via the enterprise, but the real boom will be through startups

While the use cases in enterprise are more incremental, the real drivers of the tech might be coming from startup land.

Oracle brings its database infrastructure to Microsoft Azure

Days after Oracle missed Q1 2023 revenue expectations and gave a downbeat rest-of-year outlook, sending its share price to suffer the worst one-day performance in 21 years, the cloud provider announce

Ikigai lands $25M investment to bring generative AI to tabular data

Organizations are awash in data, but struggle with a host of challenges to actually use, organize and analyze that data. According to one estimate, companies will store 100 zettabytes of data in the c

Finofo secures funding to challenge traditional forex with automated solution

Exchange rate volatility has long been a major headache for cross-border businesses. Historically, companies have sought protection by purchasing foreign exchange (FX) insurance or options, but most o

Nile, which offers enterprise networks as a service, raises $175M

If you ask Pankaj Patel, there’s too much complexity in networks today — particularly enterprise networks. Complexity has been engineered into enterprise networks over a period of decades,

Car-sharing revenue could be a first step to mainstream adoption of web3 in the enterprise

ELOOP and Peaq are among the startups looking to help enterprise businesses incorporate web3 into their business models.

Workflow automation startup Parabola raises $24M

Parabola, a San Francisco-based startup that uses AI to help expedite back-office processes, particularly in the logistics and e-commerce sectors, today announced that it raised $24 million in a Serie

ThoughtSpot acquires Mode Analytics, a BI platform, for $200M in cash and stock

ThoughtSpot, an AI-powered analytics platform last valued at $4.5 billion, today announced that it’s entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Mode Analytics, a business intelligence startu

Kibsi raises $9.3M for its no-code computer vision platform

Kibsi is an Irvine, California-based startup that is building a no-code computer vision platform that allows businesses to build and deploy computer vision applications. Among the things that set Kibs

Acryl Data raises $21M to grow its enterprise data catalog platform

With the explosion of different kinds of data, companies are struggling to realize meaningful value from their stored data. Data teams are overworked — forced to cater to the needs of disparate

LlamaIndex adds private data to large language models

Last fall, after playing around with OpenAI’s GPT-3 text-generating AI model — the predecessor to GPT-4 — former Uber research scientist Jerry Liu discovered what he describes as &#8

Workers are wary — but also optimistic — about AI

Workplaces are increasingly adopting AI. Workers are wary — but not necessarily opposed, depending on the application.

Ditto raises $45M to help companies keep their data in sync

Many apps today assume that data lives in only one location, typically a single cloud database. But the reality is more complex. Thanks to the proliferation of mobile devices and cloud infrastructure
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