LlamaIndex adds private data to large language models

Last fall, after playing around with OpenAI’s GPT-3 text-generating AI model — the predecessor to GPT-4 — former Uber research scientist Jerry Liu discovered what he describes as &#8

Workers are wary — but also optimistic — about AI

Workplaces are increasingly adopting AI. Workers are wary — but not necessarily opposed, depending on the application.

Ditto raises $45M to help companies keep their data in sync

Many apps today assume that data lives in only one location, typically a single cloud database. But the reality is more complex. Thanks to the proliferation of mobile devices and cloud infrastructure

Is there really a march from the public cloud back on-prem?

We got a decidedly mixed set of answers, but it seems that the cloud repatriation idea is being greatly exaggerated.

Adobe Express launches an enterprise tier with generative AI tools

Adobe launched the enterprise tier of its creative application Adobe Express today at the company’s Adobe Summit event. The enterprise subscription will also let organizations access Adobe Firef

Sifflet raises cash to expand its data observability platform

Sifflet, a startup building a data observability platform, has raised over $12 million in a Series A funding round.

Numbers Station raises $17.5M to bring AI to your data stack

When you think of foundation models and what they can accomplish, chances are you are thinking of text and image creation. Numbers Station, however, is taking these models in a very different directio

Berlin’s Monite raises $5M seed for its embedded B2B payments platform

With turbulent economies, companies are looking for more revenue streams to survive, and one obvious way to increase revenues is to streamline costs. Given companies can often use both manual processi

Ushur, which aims to automate aspects of the customer experience, raises $50M

Automation tech continues to attract funding in an increasingly challenging macroeconomic environment. That’s because of its cash-saving potential, no doubt. In a recent survey by Zapier —

Enterprise blockchain adoption may grow as hybrid use cases evolve

Companies like JP Morgan, IBM, American Express, CVS, Cisco, Visa, Walmart and T-Mobile are using blockchain technology to evolve.

B2B sales closing and financing platform Vartana raises $12M

The software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry is facing budget constraints and reductions in headcount as a result of the pandemic and the broader slowdown in tech. Companies have tightened up their budge

Decodable wants to take real-time stream processing mainstream

Decodable, the well-funded real-time data engineering and stream processing platform based, in part, on the Apache Flink open source project, is launching a major update today that aims to make the se

Veteran enterprise VC Peter Wagner on the opportunities for AI startups

Artificial intelligence, they say, will either vastly improve our lives or take away our jobs. For veteran venture investor Peter Wagner, it’s a little more nuanced than that.

After struggling with consumers, Magic Leap hang its hopes on enterprise

Something wasn’t working. In late 2020, Magic Leap announced a major change spearheaded by incoming CEO, Peggy Johnson. “[W]hat I found was nothing was really broken,” she told the press at the

Two CEOs is better than one with Henrique Dubugras from Brex

Welcome back to Found, where we get the stories behind the startups. This week Darrell and Becca are joined by Brex co-founder and co-CEO Henrique Dubugras to chat about his corporate credit card and

Twitter Blue for Business now allows companies to identify their employees

Twitter launched “Blue for Business” last week alongside relaunching Twitter Blue. At that time, the social network had assigned a gold checkmark to businesses. Now it’s offering som

Dropbox buys form management platform FormSwift for $95M in cash

Dropbox today announced that it’s acquired FormSwift, a cloud-based platform designed to help businesses build, edit, approve, share and print custom personalized documents. Under the terms of t

ClickHouse launches ClickHouse Cloud, extends its Series B

Since its launch as an open-source project by Yandex in 2016, ClickHouse has become one of the leading databases for online analytical processing (OLAP), allowing businesses to quickly generate ad hoc

How companies can slash ballooning SaaS costs

SaaS costs are rising, particularly for enterprise customers with lots of licenses. But there's ways to combat the climb.

Microsoft’s SQL Server 2022 is all about Azure

Microsoft today released SQL Server 2022, the latest version of its database software, which originally launched more than 33 years ago. Microsoft describes this release as the “most Azure-enabl
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