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The New ARM Juggernaut Is A Server On A Chip

Tell me what a server is these days. Applied Micro Circuit CEO Paramsh Goti says that it's on an ARM chip, a tiny microprocessor that does what the big old servers would once do on PC-style machines.

A Hackathon For The Data Center, Now That’s A First

Hackathons are almost cliche. But a data center hackathon is a first. This week at the <a target="_blank" href="">Open Compute Summmit</a>, atte

GitHub Passes The 3 Million Developer Mark

GitHub has surpassed the <a target="_blank" href="">3 million-developer mark</a>, a milestone for the collaborative platform for application development

Intel And Facebook Team To Open Source Data-Center Designs, Open Compute Project Grows With 12 New Members

Facebook announced today at the Open Compute Summit that it is open-sourcing more of its data center designs for storing pictures, high availability and power consumption in data centers.