Google Streamlines The Email You Get When Someone Shares A Google Drive Document With You

You get an email, and it’s a pretty important one. If you’re using Gmail, there’s a lot of things you can do with it to make it stand out. Basically, so you don’t lose it. You can filter it to have a label, give it a star or mark it for your priority inbox. Once you open the email though, it’s important that all of the information presented to you is useful and concise.

Today, Google shared that it has streamlined the look of the email you get when someone shares a Google Drive document:

Sharing emails just got a facelift.

You may have noticed a more streamlined email design when someone shares a file with you from Google Drive. This new format will hopefully make it easier and faster for you to open files from your email.

Here’s a look:

Here’s what it used to look like:

The old design was well…old ugly as hell. When I used to open them, I’d completely miss the point of what was being sent because the font was small and it just wasn’t jumping out at me. While this is a small update, it’s quite useful if you’re an email scanner like I am. I don’t read every email I get, I jump through them as fast as I can so that I can take action quickly.

That old green box in the top left corner used to remind me of a birthday present, but most of the documents that are sent to me are anything but.

This particular tweak helps me scan a bit better, and its good to see the Google teams working together to improve the overall experience of all of its products. Yay.

[Photo credit: Flickr]