Google Workspace users will soon get voice prompting in Gmail and tabs in Docs

Google is also launching a new feature in Gmail for Workspace that can instantly turn rough email drafts into a more polished email.

Google is killing Gmail’s basic HTML view (but not Gmail) in 2024

Google is sunsetting Gmail's basic HMTL view, which allows users to look at their emails in a bare-bones state, starting January 2024.

Shortwave email client will show AI-powered summaries automatically

Shortwave, an email client built by former Google engineers, is launching new AI-powered features such as instant summaries that will show up atop an email, a writing assistant to echo your writing an

Here’s your reminder that Google is deleting inactive accounts tomorrow

As Google ramps up its security measures, the company is deleting inactive accounts that haven’t been touched for two years as a way of protecting users from security threats, such as identity theft

You can now react to messages on Gmail

Gmail just got more reactive. Google is bringing emoji reactions to its email service, allowing users to add personality to their messages. Reactions include a thumbs up, a sparkling heart, a party po

Gmail to enforce harsher rules in 2024 to keep spam from users’ inboxes

Google today is announcing a series of significant changes to how it handles email from bulk senders in an effort to cut down on spam and other unwanted emails. The company says that starting next yea

Shortwave’s AI-powered assistant lets you ask questions about your email history

Since large language models (LLMs) shot up in popularity, plenty of developers have built tools on top of OpenAI’s GPT or Anthropic’s Claude to help people draft emails in different tones

Google’s Duet AI can now write your emails for you

Gmail’s new AI companion will be able to help you draft and customize your emails, Google announced as part of this week’s news from its Google Cloud Next ’23 event. The company had

Gmail app gets highly requested native translation feature

Gmail for Android and iOS devices finally launched a native translation capability that detects a language and translates the email automatically. The feature has been a staple on the desktop version

Gmail brings in Calendly-style availability sharing from Google Calendar

On Tuesday, Google released new scheduling-related features for Gmail with Google Calendar integration, including quick event creation and easy availability sharing. Gmail will now have a calendar ico

Former Apple engineer’s Mimestream app is a nifty Gmail client for Mac

Former Apple engineer Neil Jhaveri has been working on an email app for Mac called Mimestream. It is now out of beta after a long test phase of more than two years. The app uses Gmail’s API —

Google to delete accounts inactive for two years in security push

Google, which hosts billions of user accounts, said on Tuesday that it plans to delete accounts that have remained inactive for two years. The decision is part of the internet giant’s ongoing ef

Blue verified checkmarks are coming to Gmail

Google is going to start displaying a blue checkmark next to select senders’ names on Gmail to verify their identity, the company announced on Wednesday. The new blue checkmarks will automatical

Google goes all-in on bringing AI to Workspace

Google and Microsoft are locked in a head-to-head competition to bring as much generative AI to their productivity services as possible. Only days ahead of Microsoft’s “Future of Work&#822

Gmail will no longer allow users to revert to its old design

Google announced today that it’s making the new Gmail interface the standard experience for users. The company first released the new interface earlier this year but allowed users to go back to

Gmail to add a new package tracking feature ahead of holiday shopping season

Google announced today a small but useful update to Gmail that will allow users to soon be able to track their upcoming package deliveries directly from their inbox. The feature works by looking for e

After selling his last startup to Google, this founder now wants to automate mundane tasks with Relay

Some seven years after selling his previous company to Google, Jacob Bank is preparing to launch his next project, this time with a focus on automating mundane, repetitive tasks. Bank was previously c

Google introduces a set of iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets for your iPhone

Google announced this morning it will bring access to a number of its popular apps, including Search, Maps, Gmail and more, to the iPhone’s Lock Screen. With the updated version of Apple’s

Email will be with us until the universe dies, so these startups are working to make it better

Email is a necessary evil. Startups have taken note. We're looking at two of them, Gated and EtherMail.

Shuffles, Pinterest’s invite-only collage-making app, is blowing up on TikTok — here’s how to get in

Collage-style video “mood boards” are going viral on TikTok — and so is the app making them possible. Pinterest’s recently soft-launched collage-maker Shuffles has been climbin
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