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Drew Olanoff Contributor Share on X Drew is a geek who first worked at AOL when he was 16 years old. Previously a senior writer at TechCrunch, he has spent time as a communications professional at Yahoo, EyeEm and Scaleworks. More posts by this contributor Last call for our Pittsburgh City Spotlight Pitch-Off Pitch us, Pittsburgh

Drew is a geek who first worked at AOL when he was 16 years old. Previously a senior writer at TechCrunch, he has spent time as a communications professional at Yahoo, EyeEm and Scaleworks.

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Is social media (re)traumatizing you?

What happens when you’re out of content to scroll through and react to on the internet? What’s there to keep you engaged whether the content makes you angry, sad, happy or all of the above at once

Last call for our Pittsburgh City Spotlight Pitch-Off

We’re about a week away from TechCrunch Spotlight: Pittsburgh, and one of the uniquely-TechCrunch things we do at events is a pitch-off. Be it the big Disrupt Battlefield, or the flash pitch-offs th

Pitch us, Pittsburgh

We’re getting closer to putting our spotlight on Pittsburgh, and there’s quite a bit going on behind the scenes. We’ve been spending a ton of time chatting with folks who are on the ground in t

Calling all Yinzers, TechCrunch is (virtually) headed to Pittsburgh!

We’ve had a blast meeting new folks in different cities this year and we’re keeping the train rolling. We learned quite a bit about what’s happening now in Miami and got up to speed on what’s

Start your engines, TechCrunch is (virtually) headed to Detroit

Thanks to a warm welcome from Miami, our first City Spotlight was a big success. We met investors and entrepreneurs who are working on amazing things, and we were proud to share their personal stories

Happening today: Attend TechCrunch’s free Miami meetup to hear how to raise money from Miami investors

In just a few hours, we’re going to (virtually) meet up in the Magic City, Miami. Since we first let you know about our new Spotlight series, we’ve gotten a ton of registrations and some amazing s

Attend TechCrunch’s free virtual Miami meetup on March 11

TechCrunch is hosting a small virtual meetup this Thursday centered around Miami. We hope you can attend. It’s free. This is our first (virtual) field trip to Miami. Even though we can’t be th

Attend TechCrunch’s free virtual Miami meetup on March 11

Silicon Valley is novel, but not unique. Throughout the United States and abroad, there are communities of technology entrepreneurs leveraging local assets to build great companies. TechCrunch has lon

Hello, Extra Crunch community!

Thank you again for your support. We’re looking forward to hanging out with you more, even if it’s just online.

You can take my Dad’s tweets over my dead body

There are a few ways that people use Twitter, but for the most part the ones who have pushed the social platform into the national lexicon are regular users who like to communicate with each other usi

YouTube’s bully problems prove that community doesn’t scale

I have a confession to make. It’s something that I live with daily. It’s not that I’m not proud of it...it’s just that I’m never sure how people will see me after they know my “secret.”

Buzzy Social App Stolen Shuts Down Amidst “Concerns” From Users

Amidst concerns over the gaming mechanics of a popular buzzy app called Stolen, its creators Hey Inc. has decided to shut down. They tweeted out the news today. Basically, the app allowed you to &#822

Peach Gets An Unofficial Web And Android Version Called Nectarine

If you haven’t tried Peach out because you don’t have an iOS device, a developer has ginned up something called “Nectarine,” which is an unofficial Android and web version of t

Snoop Dogg Would Like Bill Gates To “Fix His S*&t”

When something happens like, I don't know, Xbox Live going down, what do you do? A lot of us run to Twitter to complain about it. Not because our complaints will be heard, but because hot damn sometim

Google Cardboard’s SDK Gets Spatial Audio Support

When you think about virtual reality, you probably think about visuals and imagery and immersive far-off places. However, the key to a really fantastic immersive experience is not only what you see, b

Google Focuses On Virtual Reality With New Lead For Cardboard

According to a report by Re/Code, Google is doubling down on virtual reality, with its VP for product management, Clay Bavor, dropping his responsibilities for other apps like Gmail and Drive to focus

Google I/O Will Hit Mountain View On May 18-20 At Shoreline Amphitheatre

We don't have too many details yet, but Google's CEO Sundar Pichai just let the world know where and when Google I/O will take place this year. The conference usually takes place in San Francisco at t

100M Live Broadcasts In, Periscope Streams New Life Into Your Twitter Feed

Periscope, Twitter’s live streaming app, has played around in the outskirts of Twitter, with nothing more than a screenshot and link being shared when you see a stream pop up in your timeline. T

T-Mobile CEO Apologizes For “Offending” EFF And Its Supporters

After an aggressive response to his company, T-Mobile, being called out for being anti-net neutrality on its new “Binge On” product by the EFF, CEO John Legere has backtracked a bit. In ca

Hype Or Not, Peach Hit The Top 10 Social Networking App List Fast

You’ve probably heard quite a bit about social networking/messaging app Peach. Some say it’s dumb, some say it’s great, and a lot say something in between. What do I feel about it? I
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