Despite Medical Concerns, Customers Having Hard Time Returning 3DS For Full Refund

Oh boy. The Sun has the story of a man who bought the Nintendo 3DS for his young son, but had to return the device because it made him ill. Nintendo has already recommended that the console not be played by children under the age of seven, and that everyone else should limit 3D-playing time to 30 minutes per session. Not good enough, claim some folks. What’s the point of getting a 3DS if you’re only to play it in 3D for 30 minutes at a clip?

Moore annoyingly, the aforementioned man has run into problems trying to return the device, with retailers telling him (and others in his position) that they won’t accept returns for full returns, instead offering only partial money back or in-store credit. So in this instance direct your ire toward retailers like Game and not necessarily Nintendo.

Nintendo says that it’s not aware of mass returns, with retailers reporting single-figure returns per retailer.