Facebook campaign demands Portugal soccer team rock mustaches for the World Cup

Most social media campaigns stink on ice. I think the one exception to that ironclad fact was the recent I’m With Coco meme, which I’m not even sure you could call a social media campaign. This one, though, this one totally is. It’s called “Queremos
a Selecção de Bigode no Mundial
!” It’s a growing movement to get the entire Portuguese national soccer team to grow mustaches for the World Cup. I’ve taken to calling the movement the Portuguese Mustache Federation, which, conveniently enough, doubles as a fantastic indie rock band name.

The movement began on Facebook with the founding of the group. Right now (as of 2:30pm EST), the group has 1,788 members. Portugal’s population is only around 10 million, so this group represents a huge portion of the Portuguese people.

The goal is simple: every single player on the team, from captain Cristiano Ronaldo right down to old man Nuno Gomes, is requested to grow a mustache, or bigode in Portuguese, for good luck during the big tournament. Let’s face it: the Portuguese team only barely qualified for the World Cup, and I can’t think of the last Portuguese player to rock a ‘stache. Not even the manager, Carlos Queiroz, is man enough to let the whiskers fly.

Soccer is more known for people with dodgy haircuts rather than dodgy facial hair. Off the top of my head, crazy hair includes Carlos Valderrama, David Luiz, Florent Malouda, and Ronaldo. Why, Ronaldo, why?

All these people need now is a fun Twitter hash-tag (QSBM? PortStache?) and they’re golden.