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India releases guidelines for social media influencers accepting paid promotions

As the market of social media influencers is getting bigger in India, the South Asian nation has introduced endorsement guidelines to limit unfair trade practices and misleading promotions on the web.

Instagram’s new ‘Quiet Mode’ helps you take a break from the app

Instagram announced today it’s expanding its selection of time management tools with the launch of a new feature called “Quiet Mode.” The feature aims to reduce users’ anxiety

German teens went crazy for this ‘compliments’ app, and now VCs are backing its next phase

The teenage market for apps is a tough nut to crack and stay relevant in. Just ask Snapchat. Equally, teens are going through a stage in life where almost every social interaction seems to carry porte

TikTok launches a Talent Manager Portal so managers can negotiate brand deals for clients

TikTok is making it easier for brands to work with its “megastar” creators with an update to its Creator Marketplace that now invites talent managers to oversee, execute and analyze the br

TikTok users now have access to in-app movie and TV pages powered by IMDb

Through a partnership with online movie database IMDb, TikTok launched a new feature that allows users to tag a movie or TV show in their video. The link directs viewers to a dedicated in-app page wit

Questions linger over Facebook, Twitter, TikTok’s commitment to uphold election integrity in Africa, as countries head to polls

A dozen countries in Africa, including Nigeria, the continent’s biggest economy and democracy, are expected to hold their presidential elections next year, and questions linger on how well social me

TikTok’s new feature will tell you why a particular video appeared in your For You feed

TikTok is launching a new feature that allows users to see why a particular video was recommended to them in their For You feed, the company announced on Tuesday. The new feature is designed to bring

Twitter launches Blue for Business, grants gold checkmarks to ‘corporate entities’

Alongside of the relaunch of Twitter Blue, Twitter’s controversial subscription service, Twitter has begun rolling out a new offering called Blue for Business that adds a gold checkmark to compa

Cinder’s content moderation software is custom-built for trust and safety teams

A startup from former Meta employees aims to streamline the content moderation process for companies grappling with some of the internet’s most complex, dangerous challenges. Cinder, which likes to

Instagram’s new transparency tools will tell you if your content is ineligible to be recommended

Instagram announced today that it’s introducing new transparency tools so you can see whether your photos and videos are recommended in the app. The social network is expanding its Account Statu

TipTip uses a hyperlocal strategy to help Southeast Asian creators monetize

There are a lot of talented people, like chefs and musicians, in Southeast Asia who can earn money through their work online, says TipTip founder Albert Lucius. But many of them don’t have the socia

College social app Fizz is growing fast — maybe too fast

Things are bleak in the tech sphere as we close out a year defined by plummeting stocks, persistent mass layoffs and a fall from grace for major social media companies. Yet Stanford dropout Teddy Solo

Indian social network Koo gains popularity in Brazil but faces moderation challenges

Elon Musk taking over Twitter has sent some people to look for alternatives such as Mastodon and Hive. In Brazil, however, many are showing more inclination toward the India-based social network Koo.

Quit Twitter better with these free tools that make archiving a breeze

It’s never a bad time to back up your data. But for Twitter users, it’s arguably more urgent than usual, what with the platform’s recent … unpredictability. Mass firings and resign

TechCrunch staff on what we lose if we lose Twitter

While nobody knows what will happen to Twitter, we can't help but consider what we'd miss if it went away.

Summer International uses social media data to launch new beauty brands

If you follow #beautytok, #beautytube or any beauty content on social media platforms, you know that popular product trends are hard to keep up with. Summer International stays ahead of the game by id

Google and Twitter veteran maps out a Twitter alternative

Twitter’s new CEO and owner Elon Musk is rattling the cage at his social network and ruffling a lot of feathers both inside and outside of the company. But while some in the tech world describe

Twitter begins to roll out, then kills, grey checkmarks for high-profile accounts

Update: Well, that was fast. The grey checks have begun to disappear following a reply from Twitter CEO Elon Musk to YouTuber MKBHD implying that Musk has put the kibosh on the system — at least

Boosted by Twitter drama, Mastodon reaches 1 million active monthly users

Mastodon, the decentralized social network that’s increasingly being positioned as an alternative to Twitter, has eclipsed 1 million active monthly users. That’s according to CEO and lead

Twitter begins rolling out $7.99 Twitter Blue plan with verification, fewer ads

Update: It appears that the launch might’ve been premature. According to a tweet by Esther Crawford, a product lead at Twitter, the new Twitter Blue plan isn’t live yet but some users are
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