Meta turned a blind eye to kids on its platforms for years, unredacted lawsuit alleges

A newly unredacted version of the multi-state lawsuit against Meta alleges a troubling pattern of deception and minimization in how the company handles kids under 13 on its platforms. Internal documen

Meta and Amazon team up on new in-app shopping feature on Facebook & Instagram

Meta may have abandoned its efforts around live shopping on Facebook and Instagram, but the social networking company still believes in its apps’ potential as a shopping platform. That leads to

Meta pressed to compensate war victims amid claims Facebook inflamed Tigray conflict

Meta is facing growing calls to set up a restitution fund for victims of the Tigray War, which Facebook is alleged to have fueled leading to over 600,000 deaths and the displacement of millions across

Meta taps Hugging Face for startup accelerator to spur adoption of open source AI models

Facebook parent Meta is teaming up with Hugging Face and European cloud infrastructure company Scaleway to launch a new AI-focused startup program at the Station F startup megacampus in Paris. The und

01 Advisors, founded by Dick Costolo and Adam Bain, just closed on $395M more

You might imagine that if two former Twitter chieftains and a longtime C-suite Facebook exec agreed to build a venture firm together, they would chase after nascent social networks. You’d be wrong.

Meta and Amazon settle UK antitrust probes over use of third-party data to benefit marketplaces

The U.K.’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) today announced that it has accepted proposals from Facebook’s parent Meta and Amazon to limit how they use data gathered from their resp

New Facebook Stories API helps creators share directly from third-party desktop or web apps

Meta is introducing a new API that makes it easier to create and share a Facebook Story directly from a third-party desktop or web app. The social networking ad titan first introduced Stories to the m

Tech companies seek 12-18 month extension for India data-protection law compliance

The Asia Internet Coalition, a powerful industry group that represents Apple, Google, Meta, Microsoft and many other tech companies, has requested India’s IT Ministry for an extended deadline to

Why 42 states came together to sue Meta over kids’ mental health

Attorneys general from dozens of states sued Meta this week, accusing the company of deliberately designing its products to appeal to kids to the detriment of their mental health. In the lawsuit, file

Threads’ latest growth hack is showing posts on Facebook

While Meta is continuously introducing new features to Threads, the company is also deploying new tricks to ramp up engagement on the platform. In its latest move, the social media giant is showing po

Meta is bringing its Telegram-like broadcast channels to Facebook and Messenger

Meta is bringing its Telegram-like “broadcast channels” feature to Facebook and Messenger after rolling it out to Instagram and WhatsApp earlier this year. The company announced today that

Meta consolidates options to manage your Meta data

Meta is rolling out new options to better manage your data related to its own platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. The company now has a single place in the Accounts Center for you to request a d

Ray-Ban Meta sunglasses have ‘influencer’ written all over them

Somewhere between the Ray-Ban Meta and Meta Quest 3 sits an ideal mixed-reality headset. It’s slim, light, offers hand tracking and passthrough and livestreams video when the moment calls for it. It

Humans can’t resist breaking AI with boobs and 9/11 memes

The AI industry is progressing at a terrifying pace, but no amount of training will ever prepare an AI model to stop people from making it generate images of pregnant Sonic the Hedgehog. In the rush t

Meta filmed Mr Beast, Paris Hilton and 26 more to build celebrity AIs based on Llama 2

Actors are in the middle of a major, protracted battle with Hollywood over what role AI will be playing in the future of entertainment, and how they’ll be compensated for that when those AIs are

Facebook rolls out multiple personal profiles feature

Facebook will now allow users to create multiple personal profiles in an effort to help users feel “freer” to engage on the platform, the company announced today. The move makes sense, so much so

Libra’s co-creator had geopolitical motivations to build the digital currency

Concerns while building Libra weren't limited to China, though.

Meta is expanding its verification program to businesses

Meta announced today that it is expanding Meta Verified to businesses after first launching it for creators in March. The company is initially testing the verification program on Facebook and Instagra

Meta to deprecate Facebook News in the UK, Germany and France

Meta today announced that it will be pulling the plug on Facebook News in the U.K., Germany and France starting in early December. The social networking giant said it was part of its “ongoing ef

A new study found that Facebook’s Pages and Groups shape its ideological echo chambers

New research published Thursday offers an unprecedented dive into political behavior across Facebook and Instagram — two major online hubs where people express and engage with their political belief
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