Facebook rolls out new comment moderation tools for creators

Facebook announced today that it’s introducing more comment moderation tools and controls to make it easier for creators to manage conversations on the social network. Creators will now be able

Is Instagram considering paid verification? Code reveals references to a ‘paid blue badge’

New references in Instagram’s code suggest the company could be developing a paid verification feature following the rollout of a similar system at Twitter under Elon Musk. Recently discovered c

Hacker finds bug that allowed anyone to bypass Facebook 2FA

A bug in a new centralized system that Meta created for users to manage their logins for Facebook and Instagram could have allowed malicious hackers to switch off an account’s two-factor protect

Meta is killing Move, another experimental social app from its in-house incubator NPE Team

Meta is killing off yet another project from its in-house R&D group, the NPE Team, following the company’s sizable layoffs announced in November, impacting 13% of its workforce. The latest e

Meta will restore Trump’s Facebook account ‘in the coming weeks’

Two years after the company formerly known as Facebook suspended then-president Donald Trump’s account, it’s bringing him back. Meta announced its decision to restore former president Trum

Meta centralizes more user and privacy settings across its apps, announces changes to ads controls

Facebook parent Meta announced today it’s further centralizing various user settings across its suite of apps — Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. As a result, several existing settings w

Oversight Board presses Meta to revise ‘convoluted and poorly defined’ nudity policy

Meta’s Oversight Board, which independently evaluates difficult content moderation decisions, has overturned the company’s takedown of two posts that depicted a nonbinary and transgender p

India proposes social media firms rely on fact checking by gov’t agencies

The Indian government has proposed making the Press Bureau of India and its other agencies the arbiter of truth on what information is misleading online, escalating troubles for social media firms and

Instagram and Facebook introduce more limits on targeting teens with ads

Meta is making some changes to how its apps handle advertising and young users. Under the new rules, advertisers on Instagram and Facebook won’t be able to leverage as much personalized data to

US tech giants say Indian panel’s recommended competition act ‘absolutist and regressive’

An influential industry group that represents Google, Meta and Amazon, among other tech firms, has expressed concerns about the digital competition law recommended by an Indian parliamentary panel tha

Meta’s New Year kicks off with $410M+ in fresh EU privacy fines

Meta is kicking off the New Year with more privacy fines and corrective orders hitting its business in Europe. The latest swathe of enforcement relates to a number of EU General Data Protection Regula

Facebook parent Meta to settle Cambridge Analytica class action lawsuit for $725M

Facebook’s parent company Meta has agreed to a $725 million settlement to resolve a class action lawsuit related to the Cambridge Analytica data harvesting scandal. First reported by Reuters ear

Meta abused its dominant market position to benefit Facebook Marketplace, EU’s initial findings show

The European Commission (EC) has confirmed that it’s proceeding with an antitrust investigation into Facebook’s parent company Meta Platforms Inc. (Meta), over the way it ties together its

Meta is shutting down its Cameo-like ‘Super’ app in February

Meta has announced that it’s shutting down its Cameo-like app, Super, on February 15, 2023. The company says when it began developing Super in 2020, it had hoped to create a virtual meet and gre

Meta sued by Ethiopians and Kenyan rights group for fueling Tigray War

A lawsuit against Facebook’s parent company Meta was filed earlier today in Kenya’s High Court over its alleged role in fueling violence and hate in eastern and southern Africa. The case claims th

WhatsApp Pay India head departs after only four months in the top job

WhatsApp Pay India head Vinay Choletti has left the firm, he said, the latest in a series of executive departures for parent firm Meta in the company’s largest user market. Choletti took over the to

Meta unplugs Connectivity division, home of satellite and drone internet experiments

Meta has quietly reabsorbed the resources of its “Connectivity” division, the company confirmed. For nearly 10 years, this was the home of the former Facebook’s experimental internet

Meta’s Oversight Board wants Facebook to be more transparent about VIP accounts

A year ago, The Wall Street Journal revealed that Facebook operated a two-tiered content moderation system. Normal users were subject to the platform’s stated rules, while VIP users were secretl

Facebook to now test age verification tech on Facebook Dating in the US

Meta is bringing its age verification technologies to another of its products, Facebook Dating. Though the service has not taken off as a significant Tinder rival, it will now serve as the testing gro

Meta hit with ~$275M GDPR penalty for Facebook data-scraping breach

Facebook’s parent, Meta, has been hit with another hefty penalty for breaching European data protection law. The €265 million (~$275 million) fine was announced today by the Irish Data Protect
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