Review: Shutter Buddy

shutterSo we got a Shutter Buddy a few days ago and we gave it a try. What’s a Shutter Buddy, you ask? Well, it’s kind of a satellite dish looking thing that you attach to a point and shoot. It fits over a DSLR, but not quite as well as you’d expect.

You waggle the camera in front of a baby and the baby becomes happy and smiles. There’s some scientific reasons in there about why it should work but I’m here to tell you that it definitely works better than simply snapping your fingers and making clicking noises with your tongue.

This is a picture of Erika taken with the Shutter Buddy. Erika is a very small baby. She liked the Shutter Buddy. A more rigorous study of this device I cannot give you. My daughter Milla is a little too big for the Shutter Buddy, so your sample size is limited to one.

The question is this: is your baby scared of cameras? Are you having trouble getting good pictures? Pay the $19.99 for this and give it a try. While I can’t promise you an amazing shot, at least it will break up the monotony of trying to get the wee one to smile right.

Bottom Line
It works. It could be a godsend if you take lots of pictures of babies. You could feasibly build your own with a piece of paper. However, who has time to draw a checkerboard in pencil?

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