• Wii Maracas perfect for Maraca-based games

    The product description says it all. “With the Maracas for Wii you can enjoy those Maraca based video games as if you were actually celebrating a big fiesta!” Ah yes, all those Maraca based video games. Read More

  • Product Photo Awards: Arcade Putting Pro

    Product photography is an art form. It must appeal to the senses, tickle one’s fancy, instill a sense of urgency – I NEED IT! Take this Arcade Putting Pro game, available at on clearance for $30. Read More

  • Nerd Alert: Calculator shaped like a gamepad

    Awww, schweeeeeet! This calculator says, “Hey, I need a calculator but I want people to know that I’m down with video games. Please don’t step, mess, or front. I got eight digits to work with, B.” Read More

  • Thursday Giveaway: A Nooka Accessory Selection

    Good afternoon, chaps. Do you feel underdressed, under-accessorized, and smelly? Nooka has something nice for you. Our buddies over there are giving out a new Nooka Watch (your choice), a Nooka Belt (shown above), and the new Nooka fragrance. That’s right: you can smell like a Nooka. Read More

  • Review: Shutter Buddy

    So we got a Shutter Buddy a few days ago and we gave it a try. What’s a Shutter Buddy, you ask? Well, it’s kind of a satellite dish looking thing that you attach to a point and shoot. It fits over a DSLR, but not quite as well as you’d expect. You waggle the camera in front of a baby and the baby becomes happy and smiles. There’s some scientific reasons in there about… Read More

  • Disappointing Gifts, 1986 Edition: The Etch A Sketch Animator

    Gather ‘round, kids. Gather ‘round. I’m going to tell you the story of a disappointing Christmas gift from back before many of you were born. With every blog on the internet doing year-end and best-of lists, I thought I might try to shake things up a bit by telling you about an overhyped and underwhelming technology product from a long, long time ago. Read More

  • Reviews: Crazy Japanese Kit Kats

    For some reason JList sent me a box of Kit Kats. These aren’t just any Kit Kats. They’re Japanese Kit Kats. If the Japanese are good at anything, it’s making the familiar inexplicably strange. So I decided to open up all of these Kit Kats and try them for you. I came away somewhat disappointed – the flavor gamut ran from “tea-ish” to “just another… Read More

  • Giftable: Star Wars Republic Squadron motion flight game

    If you have a kid that likes Star Wars – especially the Clone Wars cartoons – then here’s one of the only gifts you’ll need to buy. Of course, that’s totally false because if you have kids you need to buy thousands of gifts around the holidays, right? Well with this one you’ll have a sure-fire hit on your hands. Read More

  • Board Game Night: Halo Risk, Donkey Kong Jenga, or Nintendo Monopoly?

    By now you’ve already heard about Nintendo Monopoly, but let’s add two more video game-themed board games to the list: Halo Risk ($40) and Donkey Kong Jenga ($25). Read More

  • Finally, a professional alpine racing sled

    Are you a professional alpine sled racer? Bet you’ve been waiting a long time for something like this $900 Alpine Racing Sled to come along. Even if you’re just an amateur alpine sled racer looking to take your qualifying times to the next level and you’ve set aside a little over $1000 in your “Ultimate Sled Fund” (shipping adds $115 to the price of the sled) then… Read More

  • Friday Giveaway: Some EZ Grills

    Yeah, I don’t like the looks of this guy either. Anyone that fit and happy and still not in the possession of a proper grill is a suspect. However, if you want an EZ Grill for your own, read on. This contest is to whet your appetite for some BOMBASTIC giveaways this weekend. Read More

  • Animated musical Star Trek lamp

    Ah, perfect. Use your Star Trek cologne to woo the ladies and then wow the ones you bring home with this $100 Star Trek bedside lamp from Hammacher Schlemmer. Read More

  • Tuesday Giveaway: MittenBerry

    What’s that you say? You want your hands to be warm and cosy while texting this winter? Don’t want to buy sniper gloves with the removable trigger finger? Why do I know about sniper gloves? Anyway, we’ve got three pairs of MittenBerry gloves for your texting pleasure. To win, read on. Read More

  • Electric skateboard features 600-watt motor, top speed of 19 miles per hour

    Finally an answer to the age-old question of what can be done to improve skateboards and/or make them more dangerous. Hammacher Schlemmer’s doozy, “The 19 MPH Skateboard” is the answer. Read More

  • Friday Giveaway: Nixon Newton Watch

    Our buddies at Watchismo are offering a Nixon Newton Watch to one lucky commenter. You have your pick of the litter and you’ll be the most stylish fellow on your cellblock when you pull this watch out of wherever you hid it from the screws! Read More

  • The 5 Rules of Black Friday

    Black Friday is almost here. It’s a great time to score some deals, but don’t go at it willy-nilly. Follow these 5 simple Black Friday rules to avoid the scams and wasting time. Read More

  • CrunchGear/HourTime secret contest: Win a Swatch Right Track

    I wanted to offer HourTime listeners a bit of a head start but there’s a secret contest going on inside my latest podcast with Ariel Adams. Feel free to fast forward to about 20 minutes in to figure out what’s going on but rest assured you can win the Right Track from Swatch, Swatch’s latest automatic chrono running a beautiful Lemania-inspired automatic chrono movement. Read More

  • USB-powered mini Yoda figure

    Tokyo-based Cube Works, whose products regularly find their way outside Japan (example: the humping USB dog), has announced a mini Yoda figure (the little green guy from Star Wars) that you connect to your computer’s USB port. The power is needed to make Yoda’s cheeks blush and illuminate his light saber. Read More

  • Must-have: Illuminated JetBib Feeding System

    My son never really cared if his baby food was inbound on a plane or train. That doesn’t mean I won’t try the same trick on my daughter. Maybe this illuminated bib and airport spoon will complete the illusion and allow me to feed her therefore making me feel like an accomplished parent. Read More

  • For your holiday consideration: A little truck that poops dominoes

    Does your child enjoy dominoes? Does your child enjoy trucks? Does he or she like to see trucks move? Do they like to see the trucks poop out little dominoes? Do you know your kids? At all? Do you know that they’ll play with this for like five minutes and then eat the dominoes? Read More