Japan gets the Pentax K-x in "robotic colors" (limited edition)


The Pentax K-x was announced last month, and it seems to be a very decent entry-level camera. We already reported the device will be available in a few different colors in Japan, while the US only gets black, white, and red models. And today Pentax said in Tokyo [JP], they are ready to roll out a very special version of the K-x, which is a particularly colorful model inspired by the so-called Kore Ja Nai robo toy [JP].

The robot was introduced in Japan in 2001 and is available in different variations (the one you see in the pic above is a cell phone strap). Spec-wise, the K-x isn’t any different from the conventional models so the design is the main selling point.


Pentax plans to sell the robo K-x exclusively in its own online store [JP] (price: $880), and the model is restricted to just 100 units. Pre-orders begin in early November. People living outside Japan might want to contact the Japan Trend Shop or Geek Stuff 4 U and ask if they can help with the purchase.