• Pentax Japan unveils K-x in "rainbow colors"

    It seems Pentax Japan just loves redesigning their K-x digital camera. The company started offering extra-colorful versions of the device last September, followed by another limited edition, a K-x in “robotic colors”, one month later. And today, Pentax unveiled [JP] the so-called TOWER RECORDS × PENTAX RAINBOW K-x, designed in collaboration with – you guessed it –… Read More

  • Japan gets the Pentax K-x in "robotic colors" (limited edition)

    The Pentax K-x was announced last month, and it seems to be a very decent entry-level camera. We already reported the device will be available in a few different colors in Japan, while the US only gets black, white, and red models. And today Pentax said in Tokyo [JP], they are ready to roll out a very special version of the K-x, which is a particularly colorful model inspired by the so-called… Read More

  • The Pentax K-x to be available in all the colors of the rainbow (and some others)

    Pentax just rolled out the K-x late last night, but the official announcement only mentioned black, white, and red models. Bor-ing. Soon the camera will be available in a multiple colors in Japan – but everyone can play with the online creator. Read More

  • Unidentified red Pentax DSLR spotted

    Hello, red. I’m thinking that this unidentified Pentax is probably a limited edition K2000d or the unannounced K-x. You may recall that the company also has the limited edition white and olive drab models too. The red might not be for everyone, but damn, it’s kind of hot. We’ll probably get more info shortly so keep your trousers on. Oh, and nice robot. [Pentax forum via… Read More