Ricoh Plans To Expand Camera Business, Buys Pentax Brand From Hoya

<img src="" /> Camera brand <a href="">Pentax</a> will soon have a new owner: Tokyo-based <a href

Pentax Releases The Q Camera, The Smallest Interchangeable Lens Camera In Most Of The World

The ultra-tiny Pentax Q is the smallest interchangeable lens camera (which leaked today) in all the land and costs a little over $800, a wild price to pay for a camera that is arguably tiny. Sadly, as

Pentax Q Compact Interchangeable Lens Camera Leaked

It seems someone hit the “go” button a little early over at Pentax, as for a few brief minutes a new camera called the Q appeared, with pictures and specs. It’s an interchangeable le

Pentax Outs Camouflage Design Grips For Its K-r Camera

<img src="" /> Do you think the TOWER RECORDS×PENTAX RAINBOW K-r <a href="">Pentax</a>

Limited Edition Camera From Japan: TOWER RECORDS×PENTAX RAINBOW K-r

<img src="×PENTAX-RAINBOW-K-r-620x465.jpg" /> Another month, another <a href="">Pentax</a> spec

Photos Of Pentax's Upcoming NC-1 Mirrorless Camera Leaked

<img src="" />Some photos of <a href="">Pentax's</a> NC-1 have leaked ahead of the suppos

New Pentax Optio S1 Is A $200 Point-And-Shoot, No More, No Less

<img src="" />Ahh, this is a nice break after all that iPad 2 craziness. Pentax has released a new mid-range point-and-shoot ca

The Pentax K-r Gets Yet Another Special Edition (In Japan)

<img src="" /> I don't know what it is about Pentax <a href="

Pentax Releases Silver K-5 And Limited Edition Lenses

<img src="" />Despite having only ever used one for a few minutes, I'm a fan of the <a href="

New Pentax WG-1 Rugged Cameras Look Adventure-Proof

<img src="" />I managed somehow skipped Pentax's rugged camera when I last did a <a href="

"K-r BONNIE PINK MODEL": Yet Another Pentax DSLR Special Edition

<img src="" /> Pentax seems to have a sweet spot for digital cameras with <a href="

Pentax Unveils "Robot Version" Of The K-r DSLR

<img src="" /> For some reason, <a href="">Pentax</a> can't stop making special versions

Pentax K-5 DSLR Pictures And Specs Leak

<img src="" />Hot on the heels of the consumer-level K-r released yesterday, Pentax's K-5 is making an appearance, though not quite a

Pentax Goes For The Bargain Market With The Optio RZ10, RS1000

Pentax just announced two new budget P&S cameras, both of which are quite reasonably priced and ready to go into your purse or pocket for taking snaps of the kids. The RS1000, is customizable base

Pentax Announces K-r DSLR For $800

<img src="" />Pentax has updated its DSLR line with the new K-r, successor to the K-x. The improvements are modest: you'v

The Pentax K-x Is Now Available In Four New Tasty Colors

The Pentax K-x might be the most colorful camera on Earth. It’s already available in a bunch of colors including a rainbow color scheme and “robotic colors” in Nippon. Now, the US ve

Pentax Japan unveils K-x in "rainbow colors"

<img src="×-PENTAX-RAINBOW-K-x-620x545.jpg" /> It seems Pentax Japan just loves redesigning their <a href="http://search.beta.techc

"Camera-man": This is what Pentax wants your camera to look like

<img src="" /> <a href="">In Octo

X90: Pentax updates its X70 digital camera

<img src="" /> <a href="">In March</a> <a hr

Pentax finally makes its W90 rugged and waterproof camera official

<img src="" />We've been looking at leaked pictures of this thing for a week or so, but there wasn't much to say without the specs
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