• New Pentax WG-1 Rugged Cameras Look Adventure-Proof

    I managed somehow skipped Pentax’s rugged camera when I last did a rugged roundup, but I’m definitely not missing this one. The WG-1 is the “12th rugged generation” camera from Pentax, and looks to be quite a solid piece of kit. It’s just got that rugged look too, you know? Read More

  • "K-r BONNIE PINK MODEL": Yet Another Pentax DSLR Special Edition

    Pentax seems to have a sweet spot for digital cameras with funky designs, and this time it’s the Pentax K-r that will receive a limited edition treatment. Pentax today announced [JP] the so-called K-r BONNIE PINK MODEL”, a redesigned version of the camera, which was released last year. Read More

  • Pentax Unveils "Robot Version" Of The K-r DSLR

    For some reason, Pentax can’t stop making special versions of their digital cameras. In the last few months, for example, they updated their K-x DSLR with a robotic version and one designed in rainbow colors. And today, the company announced [JP] a special model for its successor, the Pentax K-r. It’s a “robotic” camera again, but this one is cooler. Read More

  • Pentax K-5 DSLR Pictures And Specs Leak

    Hot on the heels of the consumer-level K-r released yesterday, Pentax’s K-5 is making an appearance, though not quite as officially. Some unethical retailers leaked the specs, and Lens Tip found the leaked photo, though they appear to have taken it down. Chances are this thing is right around the corner, probably set to be released next week. Read More

  • Pentax Goes For The Bargain Market With The Optio RZ10, RS1000

    Pentax just announced two new budget P&S cameras, both of which are quite reasonably priced and ready to go into your purse or pocket for taking snaps of the kids. The RS1000, is customizable based on the color or design you chose, with a removable face plate and free Skinit gift card. Of the two, the RZ10 is a more serious camera, with a choice between four different colors: black… Read More

  • Pentax Announces K-r DSLR For $800

    Pentax has updated its DSLR line with the new K-r, successor to the K-x. The improvements are modest: you’ve got improved ISO range (up to 25600 expanded, but I wouldn’t), a better burst rate (6FPS, which is sweet), and a much-improved LCD (3″ at 640×480). You’ve still got the same 12 megapixels and the 720p video is limited to 25FPS, which is likely what… Read More

  • The Pentax K-x Is Now Available In Four New Tasty Colors

    The Pentax K-x might be the most colorful camera on Earth. It’s already available in a bunch of colors including a rainbow color scheme and “robotic colors” in Nippon. Now, the US version is getting a few new color options in pink, chocolate, olive, and beige. Who said cameras are boring. [Pentax via Photography Bay] Read More

  • Pentax Japan unveils K-x in "rainbow colors"

    It seems Pentax Japan just loves redesigning their K-x digital camera. The company started offering extra-colorful versions of the device last September, followed by another limited edition, a K-x in “robotic colors”, one month later. And today, Pentax unveiled [JP] the so-called TOWER RECORDS × PENTAX RAINBOW K-x, designed in collaboration with – you guessed it –… Read More

  • "Camera-man": This is what Pentax wants your camera to look like

    In October last year, Pentax launched a “robotic” version of their K-x entry level digital camera, a colorful variation of the conventional black model. And today, the same company, presented another “creative” approach, the “Camera-man” [JP]. It’s not a new camera (or a special version of an existing device) but a set of accessories, namely a special… Read More

  • X90: Pentax updates its X70 digital camera

    In March last year, Pentax unveiled the X70, a 12MP “hybrid” digital camera with 24x optical zoom that currently sells on Amazon for $380. And today Pentax in Tokyo announced [press release in English] the successor, the X90. As to be expected, the new model has been upgraded in some areas. Read More

  • Pentax finally makes its W90 rugged and waterproof camera official

    We’ve been looking at leaked pictures of this thing for a week or so, but there wasn’t much to say without the specs and all that. Besides, the leaked picture was just a little too muddy to show off the camera’s tasteful styling. But check this thing out: not only is the W90 waterproof to 20ft and shockproof from 4ft, it’s got a ring of LEDs around the lens to help with… Read More

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