Mouse Blisters: Adhesive motorcycle grips for your mouse (not blisters)

mouse blister

Please observe the unfortunately-named Mouse Blisters, an idea that may actually work to relieve strain in your oft-used mousing hand. And if it doesn’t work, you’re only out nine bucks.

What is it? Basically, a bunch of motorcycle grip material cut into small adhesive squares that you stick to your mouse wherever parts of your hand make contact. It makes the overall surface area of your mouse larger — which, as someone with big hands, I can appreciate — and keeps your mouse firmly in your grasp since, you know, computer mice are really slippery.

This thing is ripe for an infomercial featuring clumsy computer users squirting mice every which way. You get 25 adhesive pads for $8.99, which includes free shipping.

Mouse Blisters [ via GearDiary]