carpal tunnel

Mouse Blisters: Adhesive motorcycle grips for your mouse (not blisters)

Please observe the unfortunately-named Mouse Blisters, an idea that may actually work to relieve strain in your oft-used mousing hand. And if it doesn’t work, you’re only out nine bucks.

Forearm massager looks scary, probably works okay

<img src="" alt="forearmpainreliefmassager-small" />Believe it or not, many bloggers suffer from some sort of re

Ergonomic $30 mouse looks like heaven on a desk

Oh man, my poor brittle RSI-ravaged wrists feel better just looking at this mouse. I can’t wait until this time next month when I’ll undoubtedly have one of these $30 “Wow-Pen Joy&#8

AimBLADE Mousing Brace For Cyber Athletes

The AimBLADE is a German doodad that attaches to your desk and cradles your forearm while you manipulate your favorite human interface device. If you already know that you have no use for this product