Here’s the curtain raise on the Sight Tech Global agenda

The goal of Sight Tech Global, a virtual, global event on December 2-3, 2020, is to gather the world’s top experts who are applying advanced technologies, notably AI, to the future of accessibility

Genki’s Covert Dock is the perfect dock for the Nintendo Switch — and other gadgets, too

The Nintendo Switch’s ability to quickly transition from portable to home console is definitely one of its major selling points, but Nintendo’s official dock never really made much sense w

Apple Watch Hermès collection gets new color-blocked faces and bands

Apple today introduced a set of new Apple Watch bands to accompany the Apple Watch Series 4, announced this morning at the company’s hardware event in Cupertino. The bands, which will debut this

This clever case pops open to protect your phone when you drop it

That moment when you drop your phone and everything stops. You can hear your heart beat — the buzz of the world around you is silenced — all cognition stops — you see as if in slow motion the pi

Bento Stack is a bento box for your Apple accessories

The only thing I hate more than schlepping around electronics is schlepping around accessories and dongles for those electronics. And even when I’m not traveling it’s still hard to organiz

Elgato Thunderbolt 2 Dock Review

Thunderbolt is one of those tech innovations with a lot of promise, but not much felt effect for the average user. Thunderbolt docks can change that, and the new Elgato Thunderbolt 2 dock promises a m

WonderLuk Is Using 3D Printing To Power An On-Demand Fashion Accessories Marketplace

Custom 3D printed clothes that fit like a glove and mean you'll never have the tedium of traipsing into a changing room ever again are still likely years out. But the fashion space is dabbling with 3D

Samsung Focuses On Accessibility With An Ultrasonic Case, A Text-Reading Stand And Voice Labels

Samsung isn’t limiting itself to software when it comes to improving its mobile hardware’s accessibility – the Korean company has introduced a trio of new accessories for the Galaxy Core

Apple Patents iPad Smart Magnets For Attaching Controllers, Cameras, Other iPads And More

A new Apple patent application published by the USPTO today describes a magnetic connector similar to the one used to attach Smart Covers to the current iPad, but designed to be far more flexible with

Apkudo Will Start Testing Accessories In A Bid To Bolster The Android Ecosystem

Baltimore startup Apkudo already helps mobile manufacturers and carriers test their new phones before release, and it works with developers to give them a better idea of how their apps run on a wide

Scosche Adds To Your iPhone 5 And iPad Charging Options With New Lightning Line

Once upon a time I thought I would be very short of charging solutions for my iPhone 5 thanks to the switch to Lightning. Now, for various reasons, I have an abundance of Lightning cables, one might e

Mophie’s iPhone 5 Battery Case, The Juice Pack Helium, Now Available For $79.95

Mophie is one of the most trusted names in iPhone and mobile backup batteries, and the company has finally debuted its battery case for iPhone 5. The Mophie Juice Pack Helium is around 13 percent thin

Dear Google And Nokia: To Build An Accessory Ecosystem, You Have To Ship

Apple devices benefit from a huge, rich accessory ecosystem that means device owners can get stuff for their gear anywhere. A similar ecosystem is beginning to build up around the top devices from And

DODOcase Introduces Custom Builder, Lets You Go All Artisanal Bookbinder On Your iPad Case

You may not know this but I was an English literature major in college, so books are things I'm fond of. But I'm also a tech lover, so I generally read on either an iPad or a Kindle. Cases like the on

Finally, A Dock That Doesn’t Blink When Apple Changes iPhone Connectors Or Device Design

The update cycle of consumer electronics can <a title="Kickstarter’s Obsolescence Problem, Illustrated By A Fantastic iPhone Cable I’ll Never Use" href="

PadPivot NST Review: The Best Available iPad Stand Just Got Better

I've seen a lot of iPad stands in my day. Comes with the territory. But only one has ever earned a regular place in my gadget bag and on my desk: A <a target="_blank" href="

Kickstarter’s Obsolescence Problem, Illustrated By A Fantastic iPhone Cable I’ll Never Use

Kickstarter is a place I regularly turn to for hardware accessories, mostly because I'm often bored by the safe bets being put out there by the general crop of hardware makers. But all too often latel

Smartfish Pouchpad For The Traveling Mouse Lover

So it looks like a pita pocket. So what? If you’ve got a nice little wireless mouse for on-the-go gaming or productivity and don’t want it clattering around your bag, this thing sounds gre

Dodocase Puts Out Some J. Crew Exclusive iPad 2 Cases

If you’ve ever looked around for an iPad case, you’ve probably checked out Dodocase. We like this solid, book-like case, and you probably would too. And now there’s a slightly new va

Joby Updates Its Ori And Yogi Stands For iPad 2

<img src="" />Do you spend a lot of time trying to attach your iPad 2 to the limbs of trees, or building elab
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