• Lexip’s joystick-mouse combo is a strange but promising hybrid

    Lexip’s joystick-mouse combo is a strange but promising hybrid

    While at CES I try to avoid getting bogged down by dozens of random gadgets, and this time I mostly succeeded — but the mouse reviewer in me was intrigued by Lexip’s new gaming mouse that’s also a sort of floating joystick. It’s a strange but cool idea, and although the learning curve is high, I can see some hardcore gamers and productivity fiends getting a lot of use… Read More

  • SteelSeries Sensei Mouse Is Familiar But Enhanced

    SteelSeries Sensei Mouse Is Familiar But Enhanced

    I reviewed the SteelSeries Xai early last year, pronouncing it elegant and effective. I’d still recommend it today, except for the fact that a new and improved version has just been announced: the Sensei. The simple and comfortable design of the Xai is intact, but there’s a new metal surface (which has yet to prove itself; the old surface was great), customizable lighting, and… Read More

  • Microsoft's Wireless Desktop 2000 Encrypts Your Keystrokes

    If you’re concerned about keyjacking attacks, in which a wireless keyboard’s signal is intercepted and information extracted from the stream, this might be of interest to you. Microsoft’s new Wireless Desktop 2000 has 128-bit AES encryption built right in. Not much help if someone’s looking over your shoulder, but at least they can’t snatch your credentials right… Read More

  • Logitech Releases Keyboards, Mice, And Speakers For iPads and Android Tablets

    Way back in the old days I bought a keyboard for my Palm V, thinking that I would be able to type into it and become a proto-ultraportable ninja. That never worked, and I worry that Logitech is bringing us more of the same with this dump of tablet accessories including a $70 keyboard, Bluetooth mouse (for Android tablets only), and wireless speakers. The keyboard and speakers work with both… Read More

  • Microsoft Announces Some New Mice: Express Mouse And Comfort Mouse

    Microsoft released some new mice today with some pretty direct names: Express Mouse and Comfort Mouse. I’d have gone with Magic Mouse, but Apple probably already took that. Read More

  • Razer Releases Special "Black Edition" Of My Favorite Mouse, The Death Adder

    When I look back over all the mice I’ve reviewed in my time, one particular thing always comes to mind: “What the hell are you doing with your life?” But then I get over it, dry my tears, and continue thinking about how many mice come and go, but there are a few that still stand out as the best. The Death Adder is one of them; I reviewed it a couple years back, after it… Read More

  • The Chameleon X-1 Is Both Mouse And Gamepad? Witch! Burn The Witch!

    Let me just say that when this thing was first brought to my attention, I made just about the sourest “skeptical face” I’ve ever made, and that’s saying something. But I’m going to be honest, when I saw what they’d done, I relaxed a bit, though my skepticism is still mostly intact. I mean, there are so many ways this thing could have totally sucked, but it… Read More

  • Review: Mad Catz Cyborg R.A.T. 9 Gaming Mouse

    Short version: A striking and powerful, but heavy and inconvenient, gaming mouse. Definitely unique, though. Read More

  • Elecom Outs Bluetooth 3.0 Mouse

    Elecom’s new Bluetooth 3.0 laser mouse will come with an 800/1600 DPI resolution and a quite compact size of 74.3×52.3×33.4mm. The little thing will weigh 43g without the 2 AAA batteries. As you probably aware BT 3.0 is fast and way better than 2.0. Although I’m not entirely sure a mouse is in need of being potentially able to stream HD video directly to a TV. [Via akihabara] Read More

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