Median TV viewer now 50 for first time: Internet, video games to ‘blame’?


The TV networks had better figure out how to make advertising work on things like Hulu, for it seems young people aren’t watching as much live TV as they used to. Recently released numbers show that, for the first time ever, the median age for the average live TV viewer was 50 last year. The four major networks all ticked up in age, with the exception of CBS, which has always been a network for old people. (Viacom, whose parent company has a controlling interest in CBS, does recognizes the need to shake things up, remember.)

Cable channels saw similar numbers.

What could be responsible for this? Well, there was a writers strike last year, so many of those pesky young people may have developed habits other than sitting on a couch while watching absolute drivel.

There’s also that thing called the Internet. Why watch that dumb show that came after lost about the guy in New York when you can cruise YouTube for girl fights (!) or skateboard stunts gone wrong or Fernando Torres goal compilations?

And don’t forget games. The Wii is a party favorite, and games like Rock Band bring boy and girl and young and old together in ways Halo or Madden could only hope.

via Drudge Report