YouTube launches more than 30 ‘Playables’ mini-games for Premium users

YouTube is expanding its games ambition by rolling out access to a set of online games for Premium users after first testing them with select users back in September. The Google-owned company has star

Google’s Bard AI chatbot can now answer questions about YouTube videos

Google has announced that its Bard AI chatbot can now answer questions about YouTube videos. Although Bard already had the ability to analyze YouTube videos with the launch of the YouTube Extension ba

YouTube now allows monetization on videos with breastfeeding nudity and ‘non-sexually graphic dancing’

YouTube is updating its guidelines to allow new types of content to monetize adult content, including videos that display nudity while breastfeeding and non-sexually graphic dancing. With this new upd

DeepMind and YouTube release Lyria, a gen-AI model for music, and Dream Track to build AI tunes

Back in January, Google made some waves — soundwaves, that is — when it quietly released some research on AI-based music creation software that built tunes based on word prompts. Today, it

YouTube expands its 1080p Premium option to more devices

YouTube is expanding a few new features for premium users, the company announced on Wednesday. The platform is expanding its enhanced bitrate version of 1080p HD to more devices, expanding the ability

YouTube adapts its policies for the coming surge of AI videos

YouTube today announced how it will approach handling AI-created content on its platform with a range of new policies surrounding responsible disclosure as well as new tools for requesting the removal

EU asks TikTok and YouTube for more info on how they’re safeguarding kids

The European Commission has sent another couple of formal requests for information to major platforms subject to the bloc’s rebooted online governance and content moderation rulebook, the Digital Se

YouTube to test generative AI features, including a comments summarizer and conversational tool

YouTube will begin to experiment with new generative AI features, the company announced today. As part of the premium package available to paid subscribers, YouTube users will be able to try out a new

YouTube’s new teen safeguards limit repeated viewing of some video topics and more

Two years after testifying before the U.S. Senate over child safety concerns, including teens’ exposure to eating disorder content, YouTube today announced additional product safeguards around i

Agentio is building a platform for YouTubers to sell ad slots in their videos

Should you devote a considerable amount of time to YouTube, you’ll likely encounter videos in which the creators discuss the sponsors supporting their content. Agentio is building a platform for

YouTube is now cracking down on ad blockers globally

YouTube is now cracking down on ad-blocker usage globally, by showing warnings about breaking the platform’s terms of service. In some cases, the company is preventing users from viewing more vi

YouTube is making it easier for users to access news from ‘credible’ sources

YouTube is launching two new initiatives to make it easier for users to watch the latest news stories and to help news organizations create Shorts. The first initiative involves the introduction of wh

YouTube’s latest features aim to help creators make more money from shoppable videos

Only weeks after TikTok Shop’s entry into the U.S. market, YouTube today is making it easier for consumers to shop products presented by its own creator community. The company is introducing new

YouTube debuts new playback controls and creator-focused features

YouTube is rolling out a new set of features for better mobile-based playback, song search and creator-friendly tools, including a feature that will highlight the “like and subscribe” butt

YouTube gets new AI-powered ads that let brands target special cultural moments

YouTube is putting Google AI to use for advertisers, the company announced this morning with the introduction of a new advertising package called “Spotlight Moments.” The idea here is to l

YouTube relaxes advertiser-friendly guidelines around controversial topics, like abortion, abuse and eating disorders

YouTube today announced an update to its advertiser-friendly guidelines that relaxes some of its rules around controversial issues, including sexual and domestic abuse, abortions and eating disorders.

YouTube debuts a new app, YouTube Create, for editing videos, adding effects and more

YouTube introduced a new app for creators, YouTube Create, that offers easy-to-use, free tools that will allow them to make Shorts and longer videos.

YouTube Studio to give creators a generative AI tool to suggest video topics

During today’s YouTube event, CEO Neal Mohan revealed that the platform is testing a new generative AI-powered tool in YouTube Studio that suggests video topics, making the brainstorming process

YouTube to add AI creator tools to find music for videos, add dubs

YouTube is expanding its Creator Music feature, announced last year, with new AI features in addition to the launch of an AI-dubbing tool. Currently, creators can use Creator Music to search for songs

YouTube Shorts to gain a generative AI feature called Dream Screen

YouTube today announced a new feature coming to its short-form video platform Shorts that will allow users to leverage AI tools to create videos. The feature, called Dream Screen, will allow users to
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