• Early Apple Computer And Tablet Designs Reveal The iMac And iPad That Might Have Been

    Early Apple Computer And Tablet Designs Reveal The iMac And iPad That Might Have Been

    Apple worked closely with Frogdesign during the eighties, creating Apple’s early design language and charting the visual path of Apple computers from the Apple IIc to the Macintosh. Frogdesign founder Hartmut Esslinger’s fingerprints are all over those early, iconic designs, and in a new book, he reveals some concepts for Apple computers and tablets that never made it to market. Read More

  • Make It So: Ubi, The Ubiquitous Plug-in Computer Is Available For Pre-Order

    Make It So: Ubi, The Ubiquitous Plug-in Computer Is Available For Pre-Order

    Originally a Kickstarter project, Ubi is a ubiquitous computing device. Designed to plug into your wall and remain dormant until you talk to it, this little computer can perform searches, wake you up, and even sense environmental conditions in every room. Read More

  • Remembering Your First Computer Is For Old People

    Remembering Your First Computer Is For Old People

    Because we just experienced the one-year anniversary of Steve Jobs’ passing, I began to think about how technology has impacted my life, and how different it is for today’s children. I thought about my first computer, what computing was like back then and what it’s like now. And it hit me: stories where people recount tales of their first computer will become something… Read More

  • Review: The Telikin PC For Older Folks

    Review: The Telikin PC For Older Folks

    I’ve been putting off writing about the Telikin because, arguably, any PC is suitable the older audience that the Telikin is aimed. I set my Dad up with a Linux machine and then a Mac Mini and he’s been surfing Drudge and listening to Polka like a champ for almost a decade now. Why spend $699 when you can feasibly hook Grandma up with a PC for $400 or so at Best Buy? Well the… Read More

  • The Commodore 64 Is 30 Years Old

    The Commodore 64 Is 30 Years Old

    It’s been a long time since I clacked away on a C64 but I remember that hunk of pure computing power like it was yesterday. The keyboard (complete with dingbats on the front surface), the power light that glowed like a monocular rat eye, the lines of dust that formed in the 80s-era case. It was a simpler time. The Commodore 64 is 30 years old this week, appearing at CES in 1982 and ending… Read More

  • HP Shifts Consumer Notebook Production From China To Japan

    HP Shifts Consumer Notebook Production From China To Japan

    Back in June, HP announced something very unusual: a plan to shift production of business notebooks for the Japanese market from China to Japan. The company then actually started manufacturing these devices in its plant in Akishima near Tokyo, in August. It appears the US company is seeing some potential in the move, as now Japan’s biggest business daily The Nikkei is reporting that HP… Read More

  • HP Starts Making Notebooks – In Japan

    HP Starts Making Notebooks – In Japan

    HP caused a major splash (not only) in the technology world when the world’s biggest computer maker last week announced it plans to spin off its PC business. But one country, which has always been a unique market for many companies, is apparently getting a special treatment: Japan. We reported back in June that HP will move over part of the production for notebooks from China to Japan… Read More

  • Lenovo And NEC Launch PC Joint Venture In Japan

    The joint venture NEC and Lenovo announced back in January is now reality: the companies today said they have finally set up “NEC Lenovo Japan”, which Lenovo holds a 51% stake in (NEC holds the rest of the shares). The joint venture is limited to the Japanese PC market at this point, but NEC Lenovo instantly gained the bragging rights to call itself the country’s biggest PC… Read More

  • Intel Pitches New Category Of Thin And Light Laptops: "Ultrabooks"

    Intel is using the yearly Computex Taipei exhibition in Taiwan as a platform to pitch a new category of laptops. Dubbed Ultrabooks, these devices are supposed to have three distinct features: they are thinner (less than 20mm/0.8 inches) and lighter than most existing laptops, and they should be priced below $1,000 in order to become mainstream. Read More

  • Toshiba Notebook First To Simultaneously Display 2D And 3D Images On One Screen

    Toshiba’s Regza tablet wasn’t the only computer-related device the company introduced today: the dynabook Qosmio T851/D8CR is what big T says the world’s first notebook that can produce 2D and 3D images simultaneously, on one screen. The 2D images have 1,920×1,080 resolution, while users can view pictures in 3D in 1,366×768 resolution – no glasses required. Read More

  • Modernized Commodore 64 PC Will Confuse Co-Workers

    Commodore USA is now taking pre-orders for their modernized Commodore 64 keyboard PC; shipping dates are expected in mid-May or June. The base model comes with a 1.8 GHz Dual Core Intel Atom processor and 2GB of RAM, the Ultimate version gets 4GB of RAM with built-in WiFi and Blu-ray. While these aren’t the greatest for playing the latest games, it would be cool to own one and judge… Read More

  • The Binary Low Table Looks Like A Borg Starship

    Rather than throwing a bunch of toxic, sharp computer parts into the landfill, BRC designs did what any green design firm would do: make a coffee table. The frame of the table was made from the computer towers, bent to form the basic structure. From there, computer parts were placed one-by-one onto the structure until completely covered. Read More

  • Should Employees Be Fired For Using Their Job-Provided Laptops To Look Up Porn?

    Here’s a fascinating privacy debate for y’all to chew on this Friday afternoon. A public official in Australia was sacked after it was discovered that he had searched for “knockers” on his work-provided computer. The computer had been running monitoring software, Spector360, that took screenshots every 30 seconds, so it found him looking for “knockers”… Read More

  • NEC Presents 3D Notebook

    The world gets yet another 3D device. Today, NEC in Japan announced [JP] a new 3D notebook, as part of the company’s spring line-up of PCs for the local market. It’s the last in a series of 3D-enabled laptops we’ve seen in the last few months. Read More

  • Fujitsu Japan Announces Naked-Eye 3D PC

    Another day, another 3D-related news item. Today, it’s Fujitsu Japan, which just announced [JP] the ESPRIMO FH/99CM, a desktop computer that boasts a naked-eye 3D display. The screen is sized at 23 inches and produces full HD pictures. Read More

  • Slatepad TA117: Onkyo Rolls Out 10.1-Inch Android Tablet

    Japanese PC maker Onkyo, which rolled out three Windows tablets in its home market earlier this year, has unveiled an Android-based tablet that will go on sale (again, in Japan first) this week. Dubbed SlatePad TA117 [JP], the device features a slew of nice features. Read More

  • First Sales Numbers Of 3D TVs And 3D PCs In Japan

    We reported back in August about how Japanese consumers reacted to the first 3D TVs Sony and Panasonic released this summer, and now the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) has released the first detailed sales numbers. Read More

  • Pioneer And Buffalo Show World's First BDXL-compatible PC Blu-Ray Burners

    BDXL is now entering the computer market, too. Pioneer Japan today announced [JP] the BDR-206MBK, the world’s first Blu-ray burner for PCs supporting the new format. The internal device is compatible to BD-R XL discs with three (100GB) or four layers (128GB) and BD-RE XL discs with 3 layers (100GB). Read More

  • Sharp Stops Manufacturing PCs, Will Focus On Tablets Instead

    We can’t say we’re very surprised: Japanese business daily The Nikkei is reporting today that Sharp is to stop selling and producing computers from now on. The last time we reported on a Sharp computer was back in April last year, when the company introduced a netbook with an LCD trackpad (pictured). According to the report, big S will focus on the production of tablets instead. Read More

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