Pinnacle Video Transfer makes analog-to-digital transfer super easy

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And it’s kind of sexy. Analog devices these days aren’t really getting the sleek design of all-digital devices like the shiny, candylike PMPs or what have you. So this little gadget might look a little out of place with its gleaming carapace besmirched by component cables. But in the end, the function is what matters: it takes whatever you stream into it via component or S-Video, and converts it to up to 720×480 H.264 MPEG-4. It plugs directly into flash drives, iPods, and other USB or compatible devices, and can even recharge some. It costs $130, which is pocket change if you have a ton of VHS tapes or other analog media choking up your den. So now you can relive the washed-out, 30FPS glory of your ’80s videos in high res.

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