NEC Develops Super-fast Analog To HD Video Conversion Technology

<img src="" /> Japan's biggest business daily, The Nikkei, is reporting that <a href="">NEC</a> has developed a technology

Wipeout Goes Corrugated On This Cardboard Race Track

<img src="" />As a child of the 80's, I spent more then my fair share of quarters on games like Contra, Wipeout, and Batt

Taking analog to a new level: the 01 wristwatch

<img src="" />As much as I love digital watches (and watches that <a href="

Video: MFB-522 drumcomputer

<img src="" />The MFB-522 is an analog drumcomputer with nine fully analog instruments and a step-sequencer with 16 steps. It can store up

The Leipzig: An analog synth in a digital world

This cool looking synth, call the Leipzig is completely analog all the way out to the MIDI out, creating odd noises using only the technology your dad would have used in his college band. You can twea

Digital transition 90 days away. Are you and your family ready?

The Digital Transition is mere months away and still, many have questions and misconceptions about the February 17, 2009 switch. It can be confusing but your family is relying on you to get it righ

Winegard releasing a battery-powered DTV converter box

What a novel idea; a battery-powered DTV converter box. I believe this is the first of it’s kind and I’m thankfully Winegard has developed the little bugger. With analog broadcasts going b

Digital imaging finally kills off the last Polaroid plants

[photopress:polo.jpg,full,center] One of the unfortunate aspects of the so-called digital revolution is that older, analog technologies get left behind. With digital cameras, Polaroid photos are being

Zenith DTT900 converts digital TV signals to analog, extends life of older TVs

Zenith has come out with an affordable digital-to-analog TV signal converter box, the DTT900. The box, which makes it debut at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, takes the digit

Pinnacle Video Transfer makes analog-to-digital transfer super easy

And it’s kind of sexy. Analog devices these days aren’t really getting the sleek design of all-digital devices like the shiny, candylike PMPs or what have you. So this little gadget might

LG to supply TV converters for US government program

For some, February 17, 2009 is going to be a frustrating day, as it marks the end of the line for American analog television broadcasts. Those with old-school wood-paneled TVs are going to either need

Stick It to the RIAA Like It's 1992

Back in the ’90s, I was in a few “popular” local indie-rock bands. These were in the days of analog recording in a digital world, only high-end peecees had CD-R capabilities, and tho

Dutch Ditch Analog TV, Go Digital

As of midnight Dutch time, whatever the hell that is, last night, analog television was discontinued in the Netherlands. The bandwidth formerly used by analog airwaves will now be put to use by Royal

Meet the Antikythera Mechanism

You can take your Treos, iPods, Laptops, HDTVs, xBoxen, PSPs, and Cellphones and forget them. Do you know where they’ll be in 100 years, or even 10? No way. How about in 2156 years? Yah, that&#8