Levi's branded phone is dumb, stupid


The Levi’s LS501 (501, get it?) phone was announced back in June but it’s recently been made available for preorder in Hong Kong. It’s basically a Samsung SGH-P308 phone encased in "sturdy riveted steel casing" and adorned with Levi-centric wallpaper and interface elements.

Other future brand synergy initiatives will include the following:

– Diet Coke 14-inch flat panel monitor
– Logitech canned ham
– Fruit-of-the-Loom nautical GPS navigation system

I’ll remind everyone that Levi’s is a pants company. It’s a company that makes pants. This is a pants phone. It’s a big stretch, like when McDonald’s included a pedometer in your value meal for a brief period of time a few years ago. The phone costs $4380 Hong Kong dollars, which is roughly $562.72 in US dollars. That’s a lot of pants.

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