SIMBox, the texting incontinence pants

I’m going to be big about this and not get all giggly. It’s basically an incontinence sensor for folks who, through no fault of their own, can’t tell when they’ve wet themselve

WTFJeans feature special iPhone pocket, testicle padding, other weirdness

<img src="" alt="" />WTF, indeed. These “WTFJeans” have a special micro fiber-lined iPhone/iPod Touch pocket (good idea), hidden m

The first 100% paper-made jeans in the world will set you back $5,400

Hopefully better-looking than that (photo credit: Fashion Police) As the world’s first company, Tokyo-based Japan Pulp & Paper plans to sell jeans made entirely of Japanese paper. The jeans

Massage pants seem to be exactly what they sound like

There’s a temptation we bloggers have to resist, and it’s called “going for the easy”. That’s when you write about something, say these automatic massage pants, and try t

Levi's branded phone is dumb, stupid

The Levi’s LS501 (501, get it?) phone was announced back in June but it’s recently been made available for preorder in Hong Kong. It’s basically a Samsung SGH-P308 phone encased in &

Mannequins in motion

Have you ever been shopping for clothes and spotted a killer outfit that really suits your style? I know I have, but the problem is, I want to see how I’ll look walking around in it. Sure, I can