• Corporate sustainability must give way to corporate responsibility Crunch Network

    Corporate sustainability must give way to corporate responsibility

    To successfully address the unprecedented man-made environmental crises we face, it’s time to retire the word sustainability. Read More

  • Crunch Report | Apple’s Siri Embraces Google

    Looking at Instagram’s growth numbers, SAP is buying Gigya for $350 million, Apple’s Siri switches from Bing to Google for web searches and Google and Levi’s connected jackets now on sale. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

  • Levi's branded phone is dumb, stupid

    The Levi’s LS501 (501, get it?) phone was announced back in June but it’s recently been made available for preorder in Hong Kong. It’s basically a Samsung SGH-P308 phone encased in "sturdy riveted steel casing" and adorned with Levi-centric wallpaper and interface elements. Other future brand synergy initiatives will include the following: – Diet Coke… Read More

  • Levi's Enters The Mobile Market

    Face it, you have a great ass. It’s fantastic. Formed to look like a perfect bubble, you demand only the tightest, hottest jeans money can afford. And because you’re a jeans fan, you need a phone that’s designed to fit in them. In comes Levi’s with its first mobile phone. Designed by a company called ModeLabs, this phone features a metallic steel finish and all the… Read More