Repairable laptop firm Framework introduces refurbished program

Framework is at the vanguard of a growing movement to make electronics more repair-friendly. Some have done so by choice and others have been…nudged in that direction by looming right to repair legislation across the globe. Framework, like Fairphone, is making that a core principle of its technology, without sacrificing the final project (check Devin’s review here).

Today the company announced another step in the process of reusing consumer waste with the addition of a refurbished program that will make its laptops and components available for a secondhand discount.

The program launches today with the Laptop DIY additions, three Intel processors and an expansion card pack. Those are all currently available to customers in the U.S. and Canada. Additional parts will be added to the list, down the road.

The company notes:

Refurbished laptops and modules typically start from the small number of returns we get from our 30-day return guarantee. They then go through an extensive testing and cleaning process at our service center in New Jersey, where any parts that don’t meet our specifications are replaced. We also have service centers in Europe and Australia capable of performing refurbishment at the same level of quality, but we’ve received so few returns that we haven’t been able to build refurbished inventory for sale just yet.

Per the company, the refurbed parts are covered by the same warranty as those purchased new.