• Some Refurbished Xooms Could Put Personal Data In The Wrong Hands

    Some Refurbished Xooms Could Put Personal Data In The Wrong Hands

    Maybe it was too thick, maybe it was too heavy, maybe you just didn’t like Honeycomb. Regardless of your reasoning, you may want to keep your eyes peeled on your credit score if you bought and returned a Motorola Xoom between March and October 2011, because your personal information may be in someone else’s hands. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Refurb 40GB Apple TV for $199

    If you’d like to jump into the Apple TV game for under $200, Apple’s online store has refurbished 40GB units going for $199, which includes free shipping and a one-year warranty. That’s $30 off of the price of a new one, so that may or may not be a good deal depending how you feel about refurbished stuff. Refurbished Apple TV with 40GB drive [Apple Store] via dealnews Read More

  • Refurbished iPhones Hit Apple Store

    Why? Because wtf wants to see another picture of the iPhone? I don’t. Mac Chick Of The Month. It was only a matter of time before refurbished iPhones were going to hit the Apple Store and now they have. Both the 4GB and 8GB models are 100 bucks cheaper, but are they worth purchasing? I suppose they are if you’re a cheapskate bargain shopper. The 4GB is rather tempting for only… Read More

  • Refurbed 360s Banned On XBL

    Before you start pinching pennies and buying certified pre-owned Xbox 360s, you might want to take a step back and consider working another two weeks at McDonalds to save up for a new unit. You see, according to a tipster over at Gizmodo, Microsoft is banning Xbox 360 units for life. The problems began when a guy bought a pre-owned 360, only to discover it wouldn’t connect to Xbox Live. Read More