eBay hired Uber’s global head of diversity and inclusion

eBay recently hired Damien Hooper-Campbell, Uber’s now-former head of diversity and inclusion as its first-ever chief diversity officer. Hooper-Campbell will report to eBay SVP of Human Resources and Chief People Officer Kristin Yetto, which strikes me as odd because since when does a C-level person have to report to an SVP?

Hooper-Campbell most recently worked at Uber as its global diversity and inclusion lead — a role he held for about one year. Before, he worked at Google, where he was a diversity business partner and community strategist for the company’s diversity, integrity and governance division.

“eBay is one of the pioneers in harnessing technology to level the playing field by creating a global marketplace that is truly inclusive and diverse,” Hooper-Campbell said in a release. “I look forward to leading eBay’s efforts to foster an even more diverse workforce and inclusive workplace, which I believe can contribute to increased innovation and even better engagement with eBay’s hundreds of millions of buyers and sellers around the world.”

Hooper-Campbell’s first day is July 18 and he will be relocating from Oakland to San Jose. At Uber, Hooper-Campbell was playing a big role in preparing for Uber’s entrance into Oakland by meeting with local leaders in the city to ensure that Uber wouldn’t ruin Oakland.

“We’ve benefitted immensely from Damien’s expertise and guidance on diversity and inclusion, and we wish him all the best on his next adventure at eBay,” an Uber spokesperson told TechCrunch.

It’s not clear right now if Uber has someone in place to take over for Hooper-Campbell. I’ve reached out to Uber specifically about Hooper-Campbell’s successor and will update this story when I hear back.