For female VCs, bias is a branding issue

More women in venture means that bias and strategic branding are increasingly more relevant for a larger fraction of check-writers.

VCs and founders are finding life easy in the Big Easy

TechCrunch spoke to founders and investors in New Orleans for a vibe check: How is the city emerging as a tech hub?

Who’s afraid of diversity quotas?

“Diversity quota” has a stigma attached to it these days anyway, but could it at least motivate people to think critically?

Women-founded AI startups see a boost in VC funding

Increasing amounts of funding to women in AI "opens the doors" for new innovation in the sector.

AI is the next frontier — but for whom?

Ethics is often a separate conversation from AI building, but they should be one and the same. Bias is dangerous, especially as AI continues spreading.

Another All Raise CEO steps down

Less than a year after assuming the role, All Raise CEO Mandela SH Dixon has stepped down from her position at the nonprofit. The entrepreneur, who previously ran Founder Gym, an online training cente

Funding for Black founders remains dismal — where do we go from here?

Where do we go from here? Is the next step looking at alternative funding, or is it staying on the battleground, always ready to fight?

Natives Rising wins backing to help Native Americans into tech and startups

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, Black, Latina and Native American women represent approximately 16% of the total U.S. population, but make up only 4% of students obtaining b

Female Invest acquires sustainability-focused investment platform Gaia Investments

When Female Invest launched in 2019, it did so with the goal of creating a community where women who wanted to invest in the stock market, but weren’t sure where to start, could gain the knowled

Long live the vibe capitalist!

There is this myth that investors are risk averse. This isn’t true. They love taking risks. On white men. It’s part of the thrill.

These folks are working to bring more diversity to the venture LP investing pool

How do venture capital firms attract more diverse investors to make it easier for startup founders to build more diverse cap tables?

TaTio AI-based work simulations help diverse job seekers showcase their skills

As companies look to build diverse workforces, the biggest problem seems to be sourcing candidates from historically underrepresented groups, often because companies don’t know where to look. TaTio,

In 2019 this VC decided to invest in diverse founders. Three years later it’s already starting a second fund

It feels like an eon has passed since the launch in 2019 of Ada Ventures, a European VC that decided to invest in normally under-represented groups and sectors, like women or POC founders, as well as

Joonko helps companies pinpoint quality talent from underrepresented groups

There is a stubbornly persistent line of thinking that it’s hard to find talent from underrepresented groups, or worse, you are somehow lowering the bar by trying to build a diverse workforce. Joonk

A look at progress toward venture equity this Women’s Equality Day

Progress in the amount of venture capital funding raised by companies by all-women teams has been slow and daunting, if steady.

Ron DeSantis’ proposed ban on ESG investments would be another blow for diverse fund managers

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' proposal comes as founders and investors have called on limited partners, like pension funds, to be held more accountable for where their money goes.

What happens when a Black founder is ousted?

Defending an ousted Black founder is not a denial of the wrong, but an ask for empathy in the quest to get it right.

Black Girls Code founder Kimberly Bryant has been fired by her board

Kimberly Bryant is officially out from Black Girls Code, eight months after being indefinitely suspended from the organization that she founded. In a statement provided to TechCrunch, a Black Girls Co

How a16z’s investment into Adam Neumann further solidifies the ‘concrete ceiling’

The Neumann announcement reminded many founders that one cannot out-educate, out-network and out-assimilate the systemic barriers designed to discriminate against them.

Dear Sophie: Which immigration options are best for a decentralized team in the US?

We just raised a $20 million Series A, and we need to hire more engineers to fully develop our product. We’re excited about being decentralized — which immigration options are best for us?
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