Fly Or Die: HTC One M8

The HTC One M8 is said to be the best Android phone to date, and in this episode of Fly or Die, we absolutely agree.

The new HTC One carries on the legacy of generations past with a look and feel that separates it from the usual plastic-riddled Android pack of smartphones. And beyond an excellent build and design, the phone seems to have quite a few features worth considering.

For one, the Duo Camera twin imaging sensor lets you fool around with focus in the foreground and background, as well as apply filters to different parts of the image. It’s not revolutionary by any means, but they are some fun added features on top of an already-nice camera.

The One M8 also has a clever battery-saving mode that offers a considerable bump in battery life, which is precious, and is loaded with a brand new version of the Sense UI. I haven’t gotten to play with it much myself, but John and Darrell both see it as an improvement.

Finally, the One M8 is available with a “DotView” case, which is reminiscent of an old Lite-Brite. It shows relevant information like time, weather, and notifications.

All in all, the HTC One M8 is the best-looking Android phone on the market and is highly worth consideration if you’re on the prowl for a new Android smartphone.