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HTC Offering A $299 Unlocked HTC One M8 For Its ‘Hot Deal’ This Week

Ordinarily, I am left cold by deal or sale pitches, but HTC’s new ‘Hot Deal‘ program, whereby it offers bargain basement pricing on items from its stable of devices every week during

Bending All The Phones: iPhone 6 vs. HTC One M8 vs. Moto X

Before the launch of the iPhone 6 Plus, the idea of people being concerned about how "bendy" their phone is would've seemed laughable. A week later, I'm hearing random people in my just-outside-of-the

Windows Phone Picks Up Domestic Support As Its International Numbers Plateau

Good news for Microsoft: HTC’s new One (M8) Windows Phone handset will land on at least three of the four largest carriers in the United States. Bad news for Microsoft: According to Kantar data,

Verizon Video Reveals The HTC One M8 With Windows Phone

A new video just launched on Verizon’s YouTube channel reveals what we pretty much knew was coming: HTC has created a Windows Phone-powered version of its flagship HTC One M8. The previously And

HTC Sales Dip Again In May, Despite Buzz For Its New M8 Flagship Phone

HTC has posted details of its monthly revenues for May and the results reverse two months of positive sales it garnered in April and March.

Phones Go Back To The Future

I'm no fan of LG's rear smartphone control keys -- but turns out the company had its finger on the pulse of looming hardware disruption when it ushered in those backside smartphone controls last summe

Fly Or Die: HTC One M8

The <a href="">HTC One M8</a> is said to be the best Android phone to date, and in this episode of Fly or Die, we ab

HTC One (M8) Review: The New Best Android Smartphone

There’s a new contender for Android top dog on the market, and it’s the HTC One (M8), the latest from the Taiwanese firm. This metal-clad unibody slab inherits the good looks of its predec

HTC Goes “Blah Blah Blah” In The First HTC One M8 Ad

Frankly, the only way this ad could be more effective is if it were a "let me Google that for you" link. HTC is right here. Dead right. In the first video ad for the new HTC One, Gary Oldman advis