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Fly Or Die: iPhone 6s

[tc_aol_on code=”519101935″] We’re back with a special TechCrunch Disrupt SF edition of Fly or Die, where we had an early preview of the new iPhone 6s. As is now routine with iPhon

Fly Or Die: Amazon Echo

Upon first hearing about the Amazon Echo, a device that sits in the home and receives voice-powered commands, I wasn’t even remotely convinced that this could be a good idea. For one, the idea o

Fly Or Die: Withings Activité

With the Apple Watch dominating the news cycle, it’s easy to forget about the smart(ish) watches that have come before it. But while intelligent time pieces will come and go, I’m still dee

Fly Or Die: HTC One M9

The HTC One M9 isn’t all that different from its predecessor the M8 — it still has a premium though relatively thick design, but it upgrades in the camera department as well as in general

Fly Or Die: Samsung Galaxy S6 And Galaxy S6 Edge

The Samsung Galaxy S6, and its much prettier twin the Galaxy S6 Edge, are due on the market shortly as two of the most hotly anticipated Android phones out there. But do they live up to all the hype?

Fly Or Die: Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro

The <a target="_blank" href="">Lenovo Yoga Tablet Pro 2</a>, while long-winded in name, is pretty interesting when it c

Fly Or Die: Canary Home Monitoring System

The home security market is quickly heating up. As IoT continues to be a dominating trend, security systems that use smaller, faster technology will become the central hub of the home for a fraction o

Fly Or Die: The Jamstik+

We’re back after a long break and I bet you missed our mugs on TC’s Fly or Die. This week we present the Jamstik+, a surprisingly cool little musical instrument that immediately got Jordan

Fly Or Die: Motorola Moto X

The <a href="">Moto X (2nd gen)</a> is a welcome addition in a world full of big phones. It's relatively slim and c

Fly Or Die: Apple iPhone 6 Plus

There is quite a bit of controversy surrounding the new iPhone 6 Plus. It's the new golden child of Apple's product line, bigger, thinner and more beautiful than ever. However, the size may just be de

Fly Or Die: Apple iPhone 6

We're back with a new episode of <a href="">Fly or Die</a> and armed with the latest iPhone. Will John and I, longtime Apple users, give the iPhone 6 the green li

Fly Or Die: Sex Toys

This episode of <a href="">Fly or Die</a>, focused on two different sex toys, may seem straightforward, but John and I actually learned a lot. We realized that no

Fly Or Die: The New Foursquare

As you might have noticed, <a href="">Foursquare made some big changes this summer</a>. The first was the introduction of a new check-in ba

Fly Or Die: Tinder Moments

Last month, Tinder launched <a href="">Moments</a>. It's a new feature that lets users send photo

Fly Or Die: LG G Watch

Like anything in this world, the LG G Watch has its pros and its cons. It's LG's first venture into smartwatch territory, meaning that the company is just now figuring out its design aesthetic in the

Fly Or Die: Adobe Ink & Slide

The <a href="">Ink and Slide</a> are Adobe's first foray into the hardware

Fly Or Die: Yo

You might have heard of Yo. It’s a new app that has one singular function: it sends the word “Yo” to your friends. The app saw 50k downloads before ever officially launching and has

Fly Or Die: Swarm

Swarm is foursquare’s latest iteration of the check-in based location service, with a whole lot more social baked in. The idea of Swarm is to give you a sense of who’s near you, who will b

Fly Or Die: Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Forget everything you thought you knew about the Microsoft Surface tablet, as the latest generation of the Windows-powered Surface Pro is a clear step up from the Microsoft slates of yore. In terms of

Fly Or Die: Omate TrueSmart

In a year, we've gone to having one or two startup smartwatch companies to a sea of offerings before us, from companies as big as Google all the way down to Omate, a startup looking to make your wrist
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