LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner Pulls An Oprah, Gives Every Employee An iPad Mini

Technology is a wonderful thing, especially when your employer hooks you up with gadgets for free. Today, we’ve learned that LinkedIn has decided to give all of its employees an iPad mini. This reminds us of Oprah Winfrey giving things to her audience and exclaiming “You get an iPad, you get an iPad!”

A spokesperson from LinkedIn confirmed this for us, as it’s not something that you’d want to report if it weren’t true. Employees could have gotten sad.

We wanted to acknowledge the hard work and accomplishments of all of our employees in 2012. During today’s bi-weekly All Hands meeting, we surprised our employees with iPad Minis as a small gesture of the company’s gratitude for their contributions.

Here’s a look at CEO Jeff Weiner standing with a whole bunch of them:


The gifts were given out because the company had such a great 2012, “beating the streets” consistently in each quarter. The company currently has 3,500 employees, so if each costs $329, that’s $1,151,500.00. Someone at Apple is smiling.

I wonder if they got a discount?

In direct response, or not, we’re told by a source that every Intel R&D engineer just got a fully specced out Lenovo Yoga at $1,500 a pop. I’ll take the iPad, thank you.