Gift Guide: Lenovo Yoga 13

When Lenovo first announced the Yoga in October nobody knew what to think. A laptop that folks fold over to turn into a big tablet? With Windows 8? Meh. However, after some extensive usage I’ve come away thinking that the Yoga might be the coolest Win8 laptop I’ve used. And at $999 for the entry-level model I’m willing to recommend it to folks who are looking for a little something different in a touchscreen device.

The laptop has a Core i7 ULV processor, a 1600×900 16:9 screen resolution, Intel HD 4000 Graphics, up to 256GB SSD storage and up to 8GB of RAM. The model we tried was snappy, speedy and quite a bit of fun. While I think the folding feature is kind of a gimmick, the screen is surprisingly responsive in both modes and well worth a look.

You’re not going to be able to buy a single device without Windows 8 this season so I’d recommend getting something good and holding onto it for a while. This may just do the trick.

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