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Apple refreshes iPad Mini with a new design, 5G and an 8.3-inch display

As expected, we’re going to be seeing a LOT of hardware at today’s Apple event. The company has already unveiled a refresh to the iPad and here’s a new version of the Mini that looks

Review: Apple’s 2021 iPad Pro is great, again, but…

If you’ve lived in a few places in your life then you probably have experienced the feeling of moving into a nice new apartment or house — a blank canvas of rooms and spaces filled with possibilit

What to expect from Apple’s Spring Loaded event

Surprise! It’s another Apple Event. Gone are the days of getting a few weeks’ notice before these events now that they’re entirely virtual (at least until 2022, most likely). Instead, the co

Daily Crunch: The new iPad mini, reviewed

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The new version of Wi-Fi is called Wi-Fi 6 because rules don’t matter

The Wi-Fi Alliance, the working group that has long offered such euphonious, IEEE-defined names for Wi-Fi protocols such as 802.11ab and 802.11n, has finally decided enough was enough with the numbers

Apple pays off its future-of-computing promise with iPad Pro

After playing with the new iPad Pro 10.5" for a few days I am convinced that it's fairly impossible to do a detailed review of it in its current state. Not because there is some sort of flaw, but inst

The iPad mini isn’t receiving any update

The writing is on the wall. The iPad mini 4 is probably going to be the last iPad mini ever. Apple just announced iPad updates during its WWDC keynote. Both the 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models

Apple could stop updating the iPad mini

Rumor has it that Apple is about to unveil a brand-new iPad in just a few weeks. But what about the iPad mini? According to a new report from BGR, the iPad mini is not going to receive an update. In f

Apple May Introduce iPad Pro, iPad Mini 4 At September 9 Event: Report

Apple’s upcoming press event, scheduled for September 9, is going to be a long one, if we’re choosing to believe the rumors. Alongside new iPhones and a brand new (potentially world-domina

What To Expect From The iPad Mini 4

<a target="_blank" href="http://www.macotakara.jp/blog/rumor/entry-27541.html">Multiple</a> <a target="_blank" href="https://twitter.com/OnLeaks/status/629706562500755456">recent</a> <a target="_blank

Apple Store Stops Selling The Original iPad Mini

Apple’s original iPad mini, the only non-Retina iPad still on sale, was quietly removed from Apple’s online store last night, as noted by 9to5Mac. Comparing the iPad section of the store b

The New iPad Mini 3 Gets Touch ID, Keeps Last Year’s A7

This year's small form-factor tablet from Apple is called the iPad mini 3, dropping the distinction between the original iPad mini and last year's mini with Retina.

Apple’s Next iPad Could Sport Anti-Reflective Coating For Easier Daylight Use

Apple has a new iPad that has just gone into production, according to a new report from Bloomberg. The next Apple tablet will reportedly will reportedly come in both 9.7-inch (iPad Air) and 7.9-inch (

Apple Gets Serious About The iPad’s Creative Power In New Ad

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jiyIcz7wUH0&w=640&h=390] Apple aired a new iPad advertisement during the NFL playoff game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Carolina Panthers toda

Amid Some Fistfights, Walmart Sells 1.4M Tablets On Thanksgiving, iPad Mini A Top Seller

Walmart is already crowing about Black Friday and we're only a couple of hours into the actual day itself. That's because depressingly, Black Friday has somehow subsumed Thanksgiving Thursday and beco

To Mini Or To Air, That Is The iPad Question

Pop quiz, hot shot. You walk into an Apple Store to buy the new iPad. But there are two new iPads. The iPad Air and the new iPad mini. You can only buy one. What do you do? What — do — you — do?

Retina iPad Mini’s A7 Runs At 1.3GHz, Same As iPhone 5s And Slightly Below iPad Air’s 1.4GHz

Early benchmarks, like this one at Geekbench, noted by Primate Labs founder John Poole, are getting posted for Apple’s new Retina iPad mini and they’re looking pretty good. The A7 in the s

Surprise! Apple’s iPad Mini With Retina Display Now On Sale Starting At $399

The Apple Store has come back online after a surprise outage this evening and the previously announced iPad mini with Retina display is now on sale. The sale date had not been announced previously, Ap

Two iPads To Tango

I walked into today's Apple event positive that the iPad mini with a retina display, if unveiled, would be the one iPad to rule them all. I was sure that such a device would so thoroughly upstage the

Hands On With The New iPad Mini With Retina Display

The first-generation iPad mini was near-perfect in terms of a small tablet, with the one big shortcoming being that it lacked Apple's impressive Retina high-resolution display. It was hard to go back
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