Mark Cuban Wants To Get You Laid, Invests In Men’s Advice Site Brotips

Being a man in the modern world is no easy task. Should I friend her on Facebook? When is it alright to ignore a text message? Men’s advice site Brotips can help, and  Mark Cuban wants to make sure you’ve heard of it. He’s invested an undisclosed sum in the website, though it’s not $1 billion like Fast Company jokingly reports. Brotips makes it easy to share tweet-length knowledge like “someone telling you that you don’t need to wear a condom is the first sign that you should” and “always log out”. Built by Toronto-based Push Pull Labs, the site now has 1.5 million uniques a month and 2.5 million visits, and is monetizing through a sponsored “Brands Bros Luv” section and a soon to launch clothing line.

Rather than bury advice in long articles or scatter it across Top 10 lists like online men’s magazines, Brotips tiles its home page with succinct ways for guys to improve their lives. This creates satisfyingly light-weight browsing experience that’s perfect for lazy bros, similar to how Where Is The Cool displays photos. A surprising 48% of the site’s traffic comes from women, as they share the tips in hopes of turning the man-boys they know into true gentlemen.

The students and young professionals demographic is lucrative. The site attracts those looking for self improvement and who may be willing to spend to attain it. The punchy advice will fit perfectly on t-shirts so there’s solid potential for the forthcoming Brotips clothing line. To drive awareness, the 11-person Brotips team will be setting up a campus rep program.

This isn’t a typical venture capital vehicle, as the chance of a big multiple payout seems slim. For Cuban, it could be more of a lifestyle investment, syncing with his ownership of the Dallas Mavericks and investment in Jungle Cents, a daily deals site for frat guys. Perhaps he sees Brotips as a way to remake the world in his maverick image.