• Should You Push The Zen Button? Mu.

    When the nun Chiyono studied Zen under Bukko of Engaku she was unable to attain the fruits of meditation for a long time. At last one moonlit night she put a single blue button into an aluminum case and connected it to a simple USB controller. When she pressed the button Chiyono was set free! Read More

  • Hanako 2: Japan's Best Dental Patient Robot Gets An Update (Video)

    Robot Hanako, the Japanese dental patient simulator we have shown you last year, just got an upgrade: Hanako 2 still behaves, in many ways, like a human patient, and she still lets dentists practice “real-life” procedures on her before they do the same on human patients. But the new version has been improved. Read More

  • Video: The Sense-Roid Is A Robo Jacket That Lets You Hug Yourself

    I am aware we have covered the Sense-Roid, a robotic device that lets you hug yourself (don’t ask), last week already. But now our friends over at Diginfonews in Tokyo went out and shot a professional video that shows the tactile communications apparatus in action and explains it in more detail (and in English). Read More

  • Thanko Starts Selling The USB Butt Cooler Cushion (Ver. 2)

    Temperatures neared the 40 degree Celsius mark around Tokyo over the weekend – reason enough for Thanko to start selling the so-called USB Hinyari Cushion Ver. 2 [JP], which essentially is a USB-powered cooler/cushion for your butt. The Tokyo-based crap gadget maker has offered a very similar item last summer, and apparently that cushion sold well enough to be updated this year. Read More

  • Now You Can Download My Head!

    Good news, everybody! My head, scanned at Makerbot Industries by artist Jon Monaghan with a high-resolution laser scanner, is now a Thing, available for everyone to own, covet, and place into terrible places. That’s right: I’m now 3D-printable. Read More

  • Aquaskipper Hydrofoil: Human Powered, For Your Pleasure

    So you’re walking along the beach, daydreaming, and you think to yourself “How much more fun would it be if I could get up on some weird contraption and fly around at 17 miles an hour just below the surface of the water while children, families, and the elderly scatter in front of me like vanquished enemies?” Well you’re in luck because this wild-looking vehicle will… Read More

  • Strange Video: Happinet Lets You Play Table Tennis Against Invisible Opponents

    If you happen to be a table tennis player who’s never able to find a partner to play with, here’s your chance: a Japanese company called Happinet is selling some kind of virtual table tennis game that requires neither a second person nor a ball to play. Their so-called Takkyuu High-Tension toy is all about sounds and rhythm (strange video below). Read More

  • Gunbrella Will Get You Shot For Sure

    Let’s Check More Fun for Daily Life!! Crapgadget vendor Brando is really selling this horrible umbrella. It includes a sleeve and the admit that “colors may be variant” but that shouldn’t stop you from bringing this umbrella to your local police station for a bit of suicide by cop thanks to the front stock and rifle barrel tip. Read More

  • Konapun: Making Tiny, Inedible Food For Fun And Profit (?)

    Konapun is a Japanese “process” or “fetish” involving the manufacture of tiny, inedible foodstuffs. Why? I suspect there is some otaku value in producing only the finest hamburgers and hot dogs out of a tiny, fake kitchen, but what the heck do I know. I’ve seen lots of stuff coming out of Japan that is much tamer than this. Read More

  • Robotic Hug-Jacket Is Somewhere Between Depressing And Therapeutic

    Now, I’m going to be honest here, the way this thing is pitched (“Sense-Roid provides you a passionate tactile communication with ‘YOURSELF'”) isn’t really the right way to go about it. People don’t hug themselves, not because they can’t (you can, kind of), but because it isn’t emotionally fulfilling. Hugging someone else is… well, I… Read More

  • Ejacket: Bandai's E-Money Case Plays Kamen Rider Sounds Every Time You Make a Purchase (Video)

    As far as distribution of electronic money is concerned, Japan is probably the most advanced country in the world. For years, millions of Japanese have been paying in supermarkets, department stores and other places with their cell phones or smart cards. Reason enough for Bandai to announce [JP, PDF] a very special solution for users of those smart cards: a case that plays sounds from Kamen… Read More

  • anaPad iPad Toy Teaches Children To Retreat Socially From Boring Situations

    Kindness, sociability, affection, appreciation of others: those are the things your child could be learning if we didn’t just slap down an iPad in front of them every time life gets a little crowded and they get a little bored. But what about the smallest of the younglings? What can they do to have a good time while we amuse ourselves into the sweet release of e-toxicity? Why not pick up… Read More

  • This (Fake) iPad 1 Has A Camera

    Mmmm… that’s some tasty fakery! This iPad 1 clone from the Shanzhai markets has a resistive touch screen and SD card slot and looks just like the iPad 1 but with a special treat – it includes a wonky webcam! Don’t expect to may more than a $100 for this thing if you can find it and whatever version of Android this thing is running it’s not Honeycomb. Read More

  • Sears Is Now Hawking An Android iPhone 4 Clone

    Need an Android phone but must have one that looks like an iPhone? FactoryDirect through has you covered. This Android 2.2 phone packs dual sim slots, TV tuners, GPS, and a dual cameras — as a blatant iPhone 4 rip-off. It could be yours for only $263 and a bit of your soul. Stay classy, Sears. [Sears via 9to5 Mac] Read More

  • Toylet: Sega's Video Game System For Toilets Gets Priced And Dated (Video)

    Do you remember the Toylet, the bizarre video game system from Sega that can be placed inside urinals and allows you to control on-screen action with your pee? The Toylet’s core elements are an LCD screen (placed above the urinal) and a speed sensor to track the “pressure level” of your stream. Read More

  • The 4:20 Watch From Cadence

    Candence is a well-known watch brand that makes a number of clever timepieces for decent upstanding folks but I’m afraid I’m not longer going to be able to support these jokers and their new gateway watch that is rending the fabric of American society as we speak. You see these hipsters and dipsters running around the city these days and making noise and drinking their Lokos and… Read More

  • Colorfly's "Audiophile-Quality" Audio Player Is Made Of Wood

    I love audiophiles. They spend $20,000 on a high end speaker system with zero flibber and low Db to THD levels (at least that’s what it sounds like they’re telling you) and then they slap on a gold remaster of a Macy Gray album and say “Can you hear the gravel in her voice?” It’s like buying a Ferrari just to slip Frankie Goes To Hollywood into the CD player and… Read More

  • Meet The Robostir, A Robotic Soup Stirrer

    You like soup, but you don’t want to stir it? What to do? Buy a robostirrer, of course! The Robostir robot stirrer is a stirrer that is a robot. It costs $11 and runs on 4 AA batteries and stirs your soup or polenta or whatever like a freaking champ. Soup? Check. Minestrone? Damn right. Italian Wedding Soup? Umm, yeah? It’s a soup, right? Get with the program. Pea soup? Hello? Are… Read More

  • This Can't Possibly Work: "Hoverbike"-Style Dual-Rotor Flying Machine

    I can’t be the only one who has doubts about the safety of this particular setup. The creator, an Australian (naturally) by the name of Chris Malloy, claims it’ll be able to fly at 173 MPH at 3000 feet. Yeah, I can see that — if you can get to that height without flipping over or falling off the thing after hitting a pocket of turbulent air. Read More

  • Up Close With The Uber-Expensive Ulysse Nardin Chairman Phone

    Last week I got the chance to play with the Ulysse Nardin Chairman, a goofy, expensive phone with a small, built-in mechanical rotor for manual winding. I interviewed the head of UN’s cell division, Paul Williams, about his experience building the phone as well as his background at Nokia’s Vertu line. The phone will run Android and will be available next year. If anything can be… Read More

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