Should You Push The Zen Button? Mu.

<img src="" />When the nun Chiyono studied Zen under Bukko of Engaku she was unable to attain the fruits of meditation for a

Hanako 2: Japan's Best Dental Patient Robot Gets An Update (Video)

<img src="" /> <a href="">Robot</a> Hanako, the Japanese dental patient simulator <a

Video: The Sense-Roid Is A Robo Jacket That Lets You Hug Yourself

<img src="" /> I am aware we have covered the Sense-Roid, a robotic device that lets you hug yourself (don't ask), <a href="http://w

Thanko Starts Selling The USB Butt Cooler Cushion (Ver. 2)

<img src="" /> Temperatures neared the 40 degree Celsius mark around Tokyo over the weekend - reason enough for <a href="htt

Now You Can Download My Head!

<img src="" />Good news, everybody! My head, scanned at <a HREF="">Makerbot</a> Industries by art

Aquaskipper Hydrofoil: Human Powered, For Your Pleasure

<img src="" class="right">So you're walking along the beach, daydreaming, and yo

Strange Video: Happinet Lets You Play Table Tennis Against Invisible Opponents

<img src="" /> If you happen to be a table tennis player who's never able to find a partner to play with, here's your chance:

Gunbrella Will Get You Shot For Sure

<img src="" /> Let's Check More Fun for Daily Life!! Crapgadget vendor Brando is really selling this horrible umbrella

Konapun: Making Tiny, Inedible Food For Fun And Profit (?)

Konapun is a Japanese “process” or “fetish” involving the manufacture of tiny, inedible foodstuffs. Why? I suspect there is some otaku value in producing only the finest hambur

Robotic Hug-Jacket Is Somewhere Between Depressing And Therapeutic

<img src="" />Now, I'm going to be honest here, the way this thing is pitched ("Sense-Roid provides you a passionate tactile communication w

Ejacket: Bandai's E-Money Case Plays Kamen Rider Sounds Every Time You Make a Purchase (Video)

<img src="" /> As far as distribution of electronic money is concerned, Japan is probably the most advanced country in the w

anaPad iPad Toy Teaches Children To Retreat Socially From Boring Situations

<img src="" />Kindness, sociability, affection, appreciation of others: those are the things your child could be

This (Fake) iPad 1 Has A Camera

<img src="" />Mmmm... that's some tasty fakery! This iPad 1 clone from the <a HREF="

Sears Is Now Hawking An Android iPhone 4 Clone

Need an Android phone but must have one that looks like an iPhone? FactoryDirect through has you covered. This Android 2.2 phone packs dual sim slots, TV tuners, GPS, and a dual cameras &#82

Toylet: Sega's Video Game System For Toilets Gets Priced And Dated (Video)

<img src="" /> Do you remember the Toylet, the bizarre <a href="

The 4:20 Watch From Cadence

Candence is a well-known watch brand that makes a number of clever timepieces for decent upstanding folks but I’m afraid I’m not longer going to be able to support these jokers and their n

Colorfly's "Audiophile-Quality" Audio Player Is Made Of Wood

I love audiophiles. They spend $20,000 on a high end speaker system with zero flibber and low Db to THD levels (at least that’s what it sounds like they’re telling you) and then they slap

Meet The Robostir, A Robotic Soup Stirrer

<img src="" />You like soup, but you don't want to stir it? What to do? Buy a robostirrer, of course!

This Can't Possibly Work: "Hoverbike"-Style Dual-Rotor Flying Machine

<img src="" />I can't be the only one who has doubts about the safety of this particular setup. The creator, an Australian (natural

Up Close With The Uber-Expensive Ulysse Nardin Chairman Phone

<img src="" />Last week I got the chance to play with the Ulysse Nardin Chairman, a goofy, expensive phone with a small, b
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