Sharp's 60-Inch LCD Blackboard For Business Use Is Quite Impressive

Sharp Japan announced [JP] the PN-L601B today, a quite cool touch screen that enables handwritten input to be superimposed over scanned images. Marketed as a 60-inch “LCD Blackboard” , the device is mainly geared towards businesses and educational institutions. Buyers will get a special stylus and handwriting software.

Sharp says the main selling point of the device is its high handwriting recognition accuracy. Needless to say, all information displayed (the images themselves plus what users write on them) can be stored on a PC (via USB). It’s also possible to “clean” the screen with a sponge to remove your handwriting.

The PN-L601B features 1,920×1,080 resolution, LED backlight, 400cd/m2 brightness, and 4,000:1 contrast ratio. It will go on sale in Japan on August 31 (price: $11,700).

Head over to Sharp’s Japanese website for a quick demo video (which was impossible to grab and embed here, sorry).