Weebly's ImagePerfect Gives Users Drag-And-Drop Image Editing

Weebly, the startup that lets you build a website with an easy drag-and-drop interface, is looking to help you give your site a little extra flair: they’ve just launched a new image editor called ImagePerfect that allows users to craft nifty custom header images with a few clicks. It may not be a Photoshop killer, but it took Weebly CEO David Rusenko all of one minute to build the Mustang image above (in other words, it’s pretty easy to use).

No, this isn’t anywhere near the first web-based image editor (also see services like Aviary and Google-owned Picnik). But it is tightly integrated into the Weebly experience — instead of kicking you into another window when you go to edit an image, ImagePerfect slides nicely into view, allowing you to modify your image in context with the rest of the page.

Rusenko says that the company looked at other web-based image editors, but they couldn’t find one that would tie as seamlessly into their site as they wanted — so they built their own. ImagePerfect doesn’t have as many features as standalone image editors, but it has more than enough tools for what the typical user will need: opacity, gradients, a variety of text and image options, layers, and other effects. You can import images from Flickr, your desktop, or a URL. The tool is built in Flash, but the images you create appear as standard JPGs on your Weebly site.

At this point ImagePerfect can only be used to edit header images, but Rusenko says that Weebly plans to let users utilize it for other purposes in the near future. Likewise, the service also intends to offer some header templates (which users can customize with ImagePerfect). And you’ll soon be to make the image frames rotate through a series of photos.

In other Weebly news, Rusenko says that the company has well over 4 million registered users, and 22.5 million monthly uniques globally from visitors coming to sites on the Weebly network. He also says that both the Weebly for Education and its deal with web hosting provider Endurance are going well.