Natal titles leak ahead of E3, roughly 12 available at launch

As much as I’d love to claim the scoop is ours, the LA Times are actually the ones who got the word on what the first Natal games are going to be. All we have is a few names, but they sound promising.

Here’s what we got, albeit the details are thin; “River Rush” and “Obstacle Course”, two games pretty much guaranteed to make you flail your arms and legs about, “Living Statue” which apparently lets you send video messages between users (and sounds decidedly creepy to me). We don’t have any real video or still yet, but be sure the that our crack team of reporters will be working on getting us the details as soon as we can come next week.

In the meantime, here’s some video to make you laugh at how silly you’re going to appear playing these games:

[via Engadget]