Walmart’s PhonePe launches India app store in challenge to Google

Microsoft, Amazon and Meta are among the top brands whose apps are listed on the Indian fintech PhonePe’s Indus Appstore, an Android app store launched Wednesday in challenge to Google’s m

US military notifies 20,000 of data breach after cloud email leak

The U.S. Department of Defense is notifying tens of thousands of individuals that their personal information was exposed in an email data spill last year. According to the breach notification letter s

Microsoft brings new design-focused features to Copilot

Copilot, Microsoft’s family of AI-powered chatbots and assistants, is getting a few new upgrades timed with a flashy Super Bowl LVIII ad campaign. In a post on the official Microsoft blog, Yusuf

Microsoft plans to train 2M Indians in AI, says Nadella

Microsoft’s prescient bets and aggressive investments in AI have propelled the software giant to become the world’s most valuable company. Yet Satya Nadella, its typically reserved chief execu

Cloud infrastructure saw its biggest revenue growth ever in Q4

For the last several quarters we’ve seen a lull in the expansion of the cloud infrastructure market, with lower growth numbers than we’ve been accustomed to seeing in the past. That change

Microsoft, X throw their weight behind KOSA, the controversial kids online safety bill

On the eve of Wednesday’s Big Tech hearing (both Big Tech and a big hearing — five CEOs are testifying as we speak), Microsoft stepped up to back a controversial bill that aims to protect chil

The Taylor Swift deepfake debacle was frustratingly preventable

You know you’ve screwed up when you’ve simultaneously angered the White House, the TIME Person of the Year and pop culture’s most rabid fanbase. That’s what happened last week to X, the Elon M

Microsoft says Russian hackers also targeted other organizations

On Friday, Microsoft revealed that it had been the victim of a hack carried out by Russian government spies. Now, a week later, the technology giant said that it was not the only target of the espiona

Microsoft lays off 1,900 employees in Activision Blizzard and Xbox divisions

Three months after completing its $68.7 billion acquisition of gaming company Activision Blizzard, Microsoft is laying off 1,900 employees in its gaming divisions. This amounts to about 8.6% of 22,000

Hackers breached Microsoft to find out what Microsoft knows about them

Wouldn’t you want to know what tech giants know about you? That’s exactly what Russian government hackers want, too. On Friday, Microsoft disclosed that the hacking group it calls Midnight

Microsoft makes its AI-powered reading tutor free

Microsoft today made Reading Coach, its AI-powered tool that provides learners with personalized reading practice, available at no cost to anyone with a Microsoft account. As of this morning, Reading

The mobile regulatory landscape is changing at an inconvenient time for Apple

With the tech world fighting to win the AI race while smartphone sales slow and regulations chip away at its legacy revenue streams, Apple has its work cut out for it.

This week in AI: Microsoft sticks an AI ad on keyboards

Keeping up with an industry as fast-moving as AI is a tall order. So until an AI can do it for you, here’s a handy roundup of recent stories in the world of machine learning, along with notable re

Microsoft wants to add a Copilot key to your PC keyboard

Microsoft would like 2024 to be the “year of the AI PC,” and to put a point on that, the company today announced a new key for Copilot — that is, a physical key that will soon make i

Microsoft Copilot is now available on iOS and Android

Over the holiday season, Microsoft quietly launched its Copilot app on Android and iOS, along with iPadOS. The app gives users access to Copilot, formerly known as Bing Chat, which operates similarly

India widens regulatory grip over tech firms

In 2023, India introduced a series of regulations and tweaked policies that borrowed from Europe’s antitrust approach and Chinese-style government surveillance, alarming executives and investors

What a long, strange year it’s been in enterprise tech news

Looking back at the top enterprise news stories of the year, it's clear that generative AI dominated, but it wasn't the only news.

The New York Times wants OpenAI and Microsoft to pay for training data

The New York Times is suing OpenAI and its close collaborator (and investor), Microsoft, for allegedly violating copyright law by training generative AI models on Times’ content. In the lawsuit,

Microsoft disrupts cybercrime operation selling fraudulent accounts to notorious hacking gang

Microsoft says it has successfully dismantled the infrastructure of a cybercrime operation that sold access to fraudulent Outlook accounts to other hackers, including the notorious Scattered Spider ga

E3 has entertained its last electronic expo

E3’s decades-long history has been peppered with ups and downs. The annual Los Angeles-based gaming expo saw a decade of steady growth after it was founded in the mid-90s. The mid-00s, on the other
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