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    MIT researchers used a $150 Microsoft Kinect to 3D scan a giant T. rex skull

    MIT researchers used a $150 Microsoft Kinect to 3D scan a giant T. rex skull

    MIT’s Camera Culture group has been able to successfully capture a high-resolution 3D scan of a Tyrannosaurus rex skull using about $150 worth of equipment and some free software. The skull, which belongs to the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, was discovered in 1990 and is the largest and most complete T. rex skull yet found. Read More

  • Digital data and the fine line between you and your government Crunch Network

    Digital data and the fine line between you and your government

    What if the government decided they wanted to see what your device could see and hear? Or gain real-time access to the easily digitized information that surrounds a growing crop of connected devices? The Internet of Things (IoT) is producing reams of data about our daily lives — data that could prove incredibly valuable to law enforcement once they figure out a way to harness it. Read More

  • Occipital Releases One Of The First High Quality 3D Scanners For OS X

    Occipital Releases One Of The First High Quality 3D Scanners For OS X

    While Windows 3D scanning software has until now outperformed any Apple counterpart, Occipital Inc. plans to remedy that today with the launch of Skanect for OS X. Originally developed by France-based startup ManCTL, Skanect allows users to create 3D scans on Apple computers using low-cost sensors like Microsoft’s Kinect or ASUS Xtion. ManCTL was acquired by Occipital in June… Read More

  • Nyko Zoom For Kinect Shipping August 23

    If you’ve been watching for the Nyko Zoom for Kinect, the space-shrinking lens system that allows you to use the Kinect in a smaller room, you only have a little over two months to go. The kit will ship on August 23 for $29.99. We covered the Zoom at E3 this year and you can see me try it out after the jump. Read More

  • Play Tetris Through The Kinect

    This isn’t the first Kinect Tetris hack out there. In fact I wouldn’t call it the most elegant. But it’s certainly one of the most intense and bordering on exercise. It looks like P90x meets Nintendo, which makes me wonder if it’s awesome or work. Click through for the video. Read More

  • Wingardium Leviosa: This Rotocopter Is Controlled By The Kinect

    This project is part of a bachelor’s thesis by Armin Ambühl and involves a quadrocopter, a Kinect sensor, and what I assume is dark magic. To activate the copter the user lifts his arm and to stop it he claps. The rest of the interaction is performed by swinging his arms around to rotate and steer the vehicle. What was it that Arthur C. Clarke said? Read More

  • Microsoft Launches Kinect SDK For Windows

    Microsoft has just announced a new SDK for Windows that allows programmers to take input from the Kinect and use it in their homebrew projects. This will allow users to create games, UIs, and apps with Kinect’s 3D sensing technology including 3D scanning, audio tracking, and the creation of 3D wireframes in real time. Read More

  • Rez Creator Mizuguchi: Bring On The 3D And Crazy Control Methods

    At E3, while checking out both the Wii U and the Vita, I was struck by the creative possibilities these novel control methods provided. Developers can be immensely creative people, and with the right one, something like a rear touch surface can become a truly powerful gameplay device. Tetsuya Mizuguchi, creator of Rez and Lumines, is especially excited about these new technologies, and I for… Read More

  • Japanese Robot Geek Dances Rumba With A Roomba (Video)

    We have shown you quite a few obscure Kinect videos in the last few months, but this one is a bit special: it shows a robot geek from the Nara Institute Of Science And Technology (NAIST) in Japan dancing rumba with a Roomba, with the Xbox device capturing his movements. Read More

  • Nyko Zoom Makes Your Kinect Work In Small Rooms

    The Nyko Zoom is a great idea. It’s basically a lens set that sits over your Kinect that reduces the space the Kinect needs to sense you in three dimensions. That way you can feasibly stand just a few feet from the Kinect and do all your running and jumping without fear of falling into furniture. Specifically, the device reduces the necessary space needed to play Kinect by 40%. We tested… Read More

  • Nyko Shows Off Its Kinect And 3DS Accessories For E3

    Want to experience the joy of Kinect, but happen to have a small living room? Nyko wants to help you out. They also want to help you out if you are in any way unhappy with your 3DS. Well, no, it can’t actually make the 3D “sweet spot” bigger, but their new accessories do help in other ways. Read More

  • Microsoft Finally Announces Serious Kinect Games For Serious Gamers — Star Wars, Mass Effect 3, Even Minecraft

    Alright, finally. Microsoft released the Kinect last year with games that turned out to be to nothing more than virtual parlor games. But today at the company’s E3 2011 presser, they took the wraps off the first round of games that finally seem to be meant for gamers — you know, gamers as in people that enjoy virtual killing and such. The headliner? Oh it must be Star Wars Kinect. Read More

  • Kinect Fun Labs: Try Out Crazy Kinect Experiments

    Kinect Fun Labs is a demo system for new Kinect technologies. For example, a new system called Kinect Me creates an avatar that looks just like you. You capture your face and hair and clothing and then it creates an avatar that looks just like you. Read More

  • Halo 4, Kinect Star Wars, Dance Central 2 (And More) Outed In Xbox Website Slip-Up

    A couple of the team are in line at the Galen Center, waiting for admission to Microsoft’s big E3 press conference, but as with last year, the secrets were too big to hold for some. Or, more likely, someone got their east coast/west coast timing messed up (I’m as guilty of this as anyone) and pubbed some updates at 9:30AM Eastern time instead of Pacific. What beans were spilled? Read More

  • Your Nightmares Have Arrived: Kinect-Driven Powerpoint

    While I can’t imagine anyone would want to perform the feats demonstrated in this video, what you’re seeing is basically a hack that allows users to control PC programs – including Powerpoint – using the Kinect. Why? Because it’s there. At IIT Delhi, a technologist named Ramaprasanna showed off his proof-of-concept demo using an unreleased Kinect SDK. Read More

  • Kinect Hack Could Eventually Translate Sign Language

    Some French hackers have put together a program that uses the Kinect to detect certain hand gestures (which is, after all, what it was designed to do) and translate them into words. Right now it only recognizes “hello” and “sorry,” but the team is only just now teaching it words — the “build” period is over, and now it’s time to learn. Check out… Read More

  • GameRunner Gaming Treadmill Now Available For Pre-Order, Fools Can Part With Their Money For $495

    It is rare to find a gaming accessory so ham-handed and ridiculous that you just know this is going to be a patent troll situation where they start suing Microsoft Kinect for stealing their “gaming standing up” idea. But you have to hand it to this guy for his tenacity. There are plenty of YouTube videos up showing him showing it off and the real money shot is where he’s… Read More

  • Rumor: Windows 8 To Use Kinect-Like Facial Recognition

    Hackers poring through the leaked Windows 8 M1 build have found some interesting evidence suggesting that Microsoft’s next OS may automatically recognize its users, a la Kinect. Read More

  • Update: Video Of The Kinect Chair In Action

    The Kinect chair was arguably yesterday’s biggest news. The pics we posted just didn’t do it justice so there are a couple videos embedded here for your amusement. With this we’re one step closer to living a carefree life in self-propelled armchairs aboard a massive starship. I can’t wait to get fat with the rest of you. It’s going to be glorious. Read More

  • Kinect And Netflix Joined Together In Beautiful Motion Harmony

    The Kinect is big news and is currently on a march to take over the Xbox ecosystem with Netflix now supporting the motion controller. The update should hit, well, now. Mr. Xbox Major Nelson states that an update will be available the next time you fire up the Netflix app that adds the necessary bits. From there you should be able to control the entire app with your voice and hands. Stop… Read More

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