OnStar Gets Directions From Google Maps

OnStar has struck a deal with Google to integrate Google Maps into all of its navigation systems. OnStar users can now use Google Maps to get directions to a destination and then send those destinations to OnStar’s Turn-by-Turn Navigation Service in their vehicles.

The Google Maps option will be available on all current Turn-by-Turn capable GM vehicles starting with the 2006 model year and also will integrate with OnStar Destination Download to send destinations directly to the vehicle’s screen-based navigation system.

The partnership isn’t surprising as Google and GM’s OnStar have an established relationship. Last month, OnStar and Google unveiled the mapping and navigation capibilities of the Android-powered platform in the Chevrolet Volt electric vehicle. And it is rumored that OnStar will link Android phones with the navigation system’s platform. The Android system is appealing to OnStar because of its compelling navigation capabilities. Last year, the search giant launched a new version of Google Maps Navigation for Android phones which surpasses the functionality of many in-car nav systems.

GM is not the only car manufacturer to adopt Google Maps; Ford just announced today that it would be integrating Google Maps in its Sync system, which is ironically powered by Microsoft software.