• Chevrolet says in-car 4G LTE data use jumped almost 200% in 2016

    Chevrolet says in-car 4G LTE data use jumped almost 200% in 2016

    Car makers are increasingly making data connections the default in new vehicles, and it’s having an impact in terms of usage: Chevrolet released numbers today that show in-car use of its OnStar 4G LTE data connection grew by around 200 percent in 2016 vs. 2015. Among its best-selling full-size SUV Tahoe and Suburban drivers specifically, the usage spike was even greater, rising 260… Read More

  • GM puts IBM Watson in cars with the new OnStar Go platform

    GM puts IBM Watson in cars with the new OnStar Go platform

    GM is creating what it’s calling the “first cognitive mobility platform” in partnership with IBM, using the latter company’s Watson learning supercomputer. What that means is that cars featuring the new product, which is a continuation of GM’s OnStar offering called ‘OnStar Go’, will be more aware of their surroundings and better able to automate… Read More

  • Chevy cuts 4G LTE data price in half

    Chevy cuts 4G LTE data price in half

    In the past two years, more than 2 million Chevrolet cars with 4G LTE data connections have been sold, and, according to GM, those connections have chewed through 3 million gigabytes of data. Now each of those bytes will cost half as much, because Chevrolet is dropping the price of its data by 50 percent. Where a 1 GB per month plan used to cost $20, now it’s $10. Annual plans are… Read More

  • How Connected Cars Have Established A New Ecosystem Powered By IoT Crunch Network

    How Connected Cars Have Established A New Ecosystem Powered By IoT

    Not long ago, after you bought a new vehicle, the manufacturer had very little contact with you for years until it was time to sell you another car. The Internet of Things is changing all that. The IoT-enabled “connected car” turns the vehicle itself into a hub for an entire ecosystem of connected services that offer consumers a wealth of benefits including enhanced safety and… Read More

  • OnStar Amends Its Terms Of Service To Allow For Tracking Without Consent

    OnStar Amends Its Terms Of Service To Allow For Tracking Without Consent

    Vehicle assistance service OnStar has always struck me as slightly creepy, but I can appreciate its utility unfamiliar locations and emergency situations. And the notion of a company tracking your location constantly is apparently as reassuring to some as it is disturbing to me. But I doubt even those optimistic souls would find it reassuring to learn that OnStar now reserves the right to… Read More

  • Chevrolet Volt Wins Gold, OnStar Takes Silver At 2011 Edison Awards

    The awards just seem to keep stacking up for the Chevrolet Volt. Yesterday, the Volt was awarded a Gold Medal at the Edison Awards for innovative engineering that resulted in the world’s first extended range electric vehicle. Also, on the same night, OnStar’s mobile app won a silver medal for Best New Product in Transportation. The OnStar mobile app allows for drivers to view… Read More

  • OnStar's Retail Unit Gets Named FMV, Great For When You FML

    OnStar has made a move out of being a proprietary unit for GM vehicles and into the retail front with their OnStar mirror. This $299 unit (plus $100 for installation) is being named OnStar FMV, or For My Vehicle. The subscriptions start at $18.95 per month or you can get an entire year for $199. Read More

  • Mopar Takes on On-Star, Calls It EVTS

    Look out On-Star, Mopar is trying to take over your territory. Chrysler just announced their own tracking system for use in Dodge, Jeep, and Ram vehicles. Read More

  • Facebook Integration Coming To GM's OnStar

    It’s safe to say we’ve reached the pinnacle of humanity with this next bit of news: you’ll soon be able to update your Facebook status using OnStar. It’s the first “entertainment-y” option to be offered by OnStar, perhaps designed to cash in on some of the goodwill that has gone Ford’s way with its Sync system. Read More

  • OnStar Gets Directions From Google Maps

    OnStar has struck a deal with Google to integrate Google Maps into all of its navigation systems. OnStar users can now use Google Maps to get directions to a destination and then send those destinations to OnStar’s Turn-by-Turn Navigation Service in their vehicles. The Google Maps option will be available on all current Turn-by-Turn capable GM vehicles starting with the 2006 model year… Read More

  • "This is OnStar, how can I assist your high-speed pursuit?"

    If you bought a 2009 model GM car, you may have had the option to add a certain OnStar service. You may or may not have felt it necessary to drop the extra cash on something you may use very infrequently, but at least one car owner is happy they took the plunge. A carjacker with a shotgun took over a Mr. Jose Ruiz’s Tahoe and zoomed off, though he was shortly being pursued by… Read More

  • OMG, OnStar May Soon Let You Twitter From Your Car

    All you Twitter addicts stuck in traffic, some good news. You might not have to risk your life any longer sending out one-handed Tweets on your Blackberry or iPhone, while trying to hide the fact that you are doing so under the dashboard. If you have OnStar in your car, you may soon be able to send and receive hands-free Tweets through OnStar’s voice-activated calling system. Andru… Read More

  • Computers on wheels: Microsoft Auto

    These days, new cars have a truly new feature, which those in the industry call telematics. You and I would probably call it an in-dash computer, but what do we know? Right now Microsoft has Sync in Fords and competes with OnStar and Hughes Telematics in GM cars and Mercedes/Chryslers respectively. They’ve been around for a little bit and are becoming standard. What’s the next… Read More

  • OnStar Stolen Vehicle Slowdown

    This time next year, you may find yourself listening to NWA or Ice Cube and hearing something about a “hot jack move”. Whatever you do, don’t pull a “hot jack move” on a GM vehicle, because the company is improving its OnStar service vastly. 2009 vehicles with OnStar will come with a new feature called Stolen Vehicle Slowdown, which will remotely slow down a… Read More