Can you spot the reason someone just paid $13000 for an NES and five games?

Buying an old NES off eBay is a great idea. I did it in college and got two zappers, two power gloves, like twenty games, and a bunch of other stuff for just under $50. But this particular auction fetched the mind-blowing bid of $13,105. Can you see why?

Yes: it comes with a copy of Stadium Events, which is the rarest licensed NES game in the world. It originally came out in Japan, then was licensed and released over here, but only a couple hundred made it into consumers’ hands, and perhaps only 10 actually exist now in the wild.

Of course, you could buy one of the rebranded ones or play it on an emulator, but these actual original cartridges are the rarest of the rare — not so much as the gold World Championship carts, but still pretty freaking rare.

Update: awesome commenter Drake points us to a forum thread where this was discovered and tracked.

[via Hot Blooded Gaming]